Giving Thanks

I originally had a post written that was all over the place conceptually and emotionally. Basically an out of control rant about the blatant lack of consideration of others that Sam and I witnessed while climbing this last weekend. In the end, I just needed to write down the rant, re-read it, then trash it. I’m glad I did, I feel free.

I’ve been thinking about climbing a lot lately; I’ve thrown myself into the sport completely.

I read about it
I think about it
I do it
I dream it
I love it

I guess this is a process that happens toward end of every season for most climbers, sort of an inventory of everything that happened in the last several months. Now that I’m looking forward to several months of doing nothing but pulling plastic, remembering what’s happened outside is going to help me make it through the winter.

All the dreaming and doing and reading got me thinking. As a climber, I have a lot to be thankful for, so here’s my list:

  • My Health, both physically and mentally. Without it, I wouldn’t be able to get around town, let alone climb.
  • I’m thankful for nature’s awesome beauty more and more each day. I could not stop admiring the serenity of yesterday’s dense fog, and (surprisingly) I find today’s rain soothing.
  • Along with nature’s beauty, without earth shaping environmental forces I wouldn’t be able to enjoy some of the most beautiful places in the world on a regular basis: the Red River and New River Gorges, for example. As a climber, I regularly find myself facing awe-inspiring and beautiful places that a great majority of people will never see.
  • How would I be able to climb without my climbing partners? More specifically Sam, Brandon, Mojo, Alex, Carney, and Will. You really and truly are my best friends in the world. There are no words, some of the best people on this planet.

    “I’ve climbed with some of the best climbers in the world, more importantly, to me, they are some of the best people in the world. That’s another reason why I climb.”
    ~Jim Wickwire

I would be remiss if I didn’t talk about non-climbing related things that I’m thankful for.

  • My genetic family doesn’t necessarily understand why I do what I do, but they don’t don’t need that understanding.
  • My second family consisting mostly of people I’ve met through scouting. My first staff week, Matt G. (I think, could’ve been Allen W.) stood in front of the entire staff and told everyone that the people sitting in that room would become a second family to us. He could not have been more spot-on. This family is as close and as important to me as my genetic family; lifelong friendships indeed.
  • My bike for getting me around town and keeping me sane. I spend 5 – 8 hours on my bike in a normal week. That’s 5 – 8 hours of freedom from life and it’s powerful and refreshing.
  • My life and I don’t mean the fact that I wake up and can breathe every morning. I mean all of the things that surround me on a day to day basis: roommates, cats, work, the city… everything.

That’s all I have for now, just wanted to get that all written down. Hopefully you take some time to find what you’re thankful for this year.

I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!

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