Giving Indiana Back Its Basketball Team

Mike Davis has finally decided to give Indiana back the basketball team that he borrowed for six years. He offically announced his resignation yesterday during a press conference in the Assembly Hall.

“I just felt like it was time for the former players, the fans, the alumni and anyone who loves Indiana basketball to be a part of Indiana basketball again. This is a great day for Indiana basketball. Trust me, it is.”
–Mike Davis, ‘Lame Duck’ IU Basketball Coach

If you haven’t heard already, he apparently told the team of his plans after the Wisconsin loss (at Wisconsin). He will be finishing out the season with the team, hopefully being able to at least milk an NCAA Tournament bid out of it.

I won’t be surprised if we lose at Illinois, at home to Penn State and Michigan State, at Purdue and at Michigan to close out the season. For a team that was ranked as high as number 8 in the country, how far we will have fallen.

That’s all for now.

PS — I updated the Sideblog with an article about the new Mac OS X Maleware. You should check it out.

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