For HomesteadThis post is especially

For Homestead

This post is especially for my friend Dave “Homestead” Elyea.

What’s happened in Tom’s life since the first of April you may ask…
Well, a lot has happened. Tuesday night I played some basketball with Joe, Beth, Jacob, Neil, Mike…etc…etc. I ended up rolling my left ankle, twice. I had to go out Wednesday morning to get an ankle brace so I could heal myself.

Wednesday my mom and littlest sister came down to take me out to lunch. Last week was their spring break, so they had too much time and not enough to fill it. I talked to my mom again about setting up a wireless network in the house so that they could get some broadband internet and not have to wait for things anymore.

Thursday was a very busy day. It was also Ryan’s (my roomate) birthday. I ended up playing frisbee after my classes. We lost…Silly rookies. anyway, after frisbee, I went to the bowling alley with Ryan, Beth, Devon, and the rest of the bowling gang. Ryan doesn’t know this to this day, but I was stealing sips of his beer when he would go up to bowl hehe. That’s the excitement of Thursday night.

Friday, we took Ryan out to the bars. I was the DD. We started at Nicks, went to The Upstairs Pub, then over to Sports. This is where we ended. The entire basketball team was at Sports. Tony decided early on in the night that he was goign to randomly hook up with some girl. Well, he did. When we were leaving, he and this girl (he doesn’t even remember her name) were dancing upstairs at Sports. Rosemary, Ozzy, Ryan and I were all watching them dance. Tony puts his phone number into her cell phone, but sadly he hasn’t heard back form her. Now, you have to realize that they weren’t really dancing, they were more like swaying back and forth and holding each other up so they wouldn’t fall. Well, this didn’t work too well, because they fell flat on the floor….hahahahahaha. It was hilarious. Then we went home…blah

Saturday was new consultant orientation. I lead an orientation group around all day (well, until 3). At 3:30, I met with the guy who is on my debate team for R170. At 4:30, I went over to Vince’s house and helped Kirstee and Vince make plywood pentagons. That’s about all that happened on saturday…We watched the Syracuse Texas game and I fell asleep during the last 5 minutes. I come to find out later that Kirstee, too, fell asleep during the last 5 minutes…but that doesn’t matter. So on to Sunday…

Sunday was the marathon, closed session executive council meeting. We got a lot of discussion and planning done. That’s about all that happened on Sunday.

Monday was back to work and my mom’s birthday :)…Tuesday class…and work…That brings us up to Today.

What the hell is up with the weather. Why is it freakin 40 degrees in April? I do not understand why this weather decides to be winter in the spring and summer in the fall…makes no sense.

I have so much to do today that it’s not even funny. I need to edit an outline, meet with Sean at 4, etc, etc…I don’t know how I’m going to get through today without pulling out my hair.

Here’s a special congratulations to Tracie for being outstanding student employee for UITS.

I’m out

Quote of the day “It’s been ‘What an awesome day!’ for eight days now Tom…” — Homestead.

Mac fund $314.41

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