First Day of Classes

Well, here I am yet again, my first day of classes. Expect a class-by-class update throughout the day. I’m taking 15 credit hours in what I hope to be my last semester, unless I missed something along the way. My schedule is great this year. I have classes Monday and Wednesday from 9:30-5:15, I work Tuesday and Thursday from 8:00-4:00 and Friday, I have one class from 1:25-2:15. I also work on Sunday but that doesn’t matter.

First class of the day: BUS S305 — Business Telecommunications

This class is an intro networking class, which should be easy. We didn’t do anything today, which is normal for the first day of class. We went over the syllabus, decided on groups for our group projects and wrote a short paragraph about our experience for the prof. I got out of here with an hour and fifteen minutes before my next class. It was nice and relaxing to just go sit in the library lobby and surf the web.

Second class: BUS M300 — Marketing

The prof started the class with a repeating slide show and the tune Rock the Casbah by the clash. The class ended up being extremely boring. This guy has a tendency to talk, and talk, and flirt, and talk, and talk, and make little to no connections to the subject matter.

Third class: INFO I303 — Organizational Informatics

Second try at this one. The first time I tried to take this class, the professor was a pompous, arrogant British asshole that talked down to everyone who did not have a PhD (all of his students). This year, our prof. (I say our because Erin, Will, and Kevin, as well as a couple others I know are in the class with me) seems ok. She either worked or graduated from Harvard, so her sense of humor is above the heads of most of her students. She went on some rant today about goblins and some goblin rebellion… a bit strange… whatever.

Fourth class: BUS S433 — Information Systems Security

This is going to be my favorite class of the semester, and that’s exactly what I expected. Prof. Worker is definitely the most entertaining professor that I have ever had, and he’s willing to find his students a job, as long as you show up to class and do well. The coursework is going to be intense, especially since I am taking the pre-requisite course (S305) this semester as well. It’s going to be a great refresher in the afternoons simply because Worker tells jokes constantly. Also, if we want to win $100, all we have to do is catch him in the elevator, but to complete the contract, if he catches us in the elevator, we get publicly humiliated in class by having to wear a steel star that says “wuss” if we ride up and one that says “wimp” for going down. Didn’t the Germans force the Jews to wear a star? The premise of this is that in IT jobs, we don’t get much exercise, so it causes us to think about that.

Fifth class: BUS A200 — Accounting

Not looking forward to this one at all, mostly because it deals with accounting and I HATE accounting. It seems that this class, although boring, will be interesting. The prof has ADD a bit, which is good. He gets sidetracked easily lending the class to stories and other forms of entertainment.

All in all, I think this semester will go well. I am investigating a different cognate, a cognate in which I will most likely be able to graduate after this semester more easily than with business. We’ll see how that works out.

I’m thinking about turning my not-used livejournal into a place where I update everyone on how my classes went. I’m not sure though, we’ll see…

As for now, it’s naptime before the Psi meeting.


The End-of-the-Blog Rundown

Song of the DayArmy – Ben Folds

Quote of the DayThey look like a chicken stepped in ink… then wandered through a meth lab… I have no idea where this stuff comes from! — Prof. Worker when talking about students’ signatures last year.

Villain of the Day – The dude who sat on the end of our row in I303 today. I wanted to punch him in the face so badly that I don’t even remember his name.

Hero of the Day – Prof. Worker for making my day interesting.

Current Moodexcited – Excited about the first day of classes.

Until the next post…

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  1. Erin told me his name last night; it’s Russell, I think… I’m just going to publically humiliate him until he learns to shut up or not be as annoying as he currently is.

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