Finals, YuckIt’s Finals Week, no

Finals, Yuck

It’s Finals Week, no time for fun here in Bloomington…

This last weekend was fun anyway. We had Banquet on Friday for KKPsi and TBS. It was really good times. I had fun and it was great to see all the brothers and sisters before the end of the school year. I know for sure that I’m going to miss all of AZ this summer. I don’t want any of them to leave town.

After banquet we all went over to 322 and had some good drinking fun, celebrating the end of classes. We played some beer pong, that quickly turned into cups. We had cups games all night, and at the end of each game, the house was the loudest it has ever been. I AM THE ANCHOR MAN hahaha. Anyway, Rachel anchored for the other team, the one team that beat the KKDC. Her team may have won, but I smoked her when the cups got to me. 😉 hehehe

Saturday was an Alpha Zeta picnic. We went out to Hundred Hall, about 15 or so brothers were there. We had some subway, played some basketball, tossed a frisbee, and then played Goldrush. We ended up playing something like eight games of Goldrush just because everyone enjoyed it and wanted to keep playing. I ended up getting myself all muddy and nasty. When everyone left, Vince, Neil, Graham, Mike and I went out to Karst Farm and played some disc golf. I didn’t win this time either, mostly becasue my rythm was thrown off because we started on hole 10 instead of hole 1. Hole 1 was so crowded that there was a line of people to tee off. I shot a +4 losing to Neil on a playoff hole by one stroke. Whatever, it was good times anyway.

Sunday I had to work from noon to two. When that was over, I went out to Hundred Hall again where the Delta Xi New Initiates 🙂 were doing their joint service project. They cleaned all the drumline equipment minus the cymbals (that’s for Mike to do when we all get back to school;) ). After they finished, we went over the bid process with them so they weren’t in the dark when things started happening next semester. We all made a journey to the Wright Food Court afterward and Holly treated us all to lunch, on her meal card. It was definitely good times, I’m glad that these guys decided they wanted to join KKPsi, they’re freakin awesome!

Anyway, then I came home, watched some Road to Perdition, did some studying, and went to bed. Today is going to be full of work, and studying.

Tom’s Exam Schedule
Tuesday – A201, Java, 5:00pm
Thursday – M365, Stats, 10:15am
Thursday – R170, Ethics, 12:30pm

I could have taken the R170 final Sunday afternoon, but I’m glad I didn’t. I was able to hang out with the coolest NI class ever.

What I see out my window…

There it is, the aftemath of the nighttime storms. As you can see by the wake that the truck is making, our intersection does not drain. Pebble Beach is gone, but we still have the ocean. Today shouldn’t be too bad, it’s starting to get sunny now. I took that picture about twenty minutes ago. The storm has passed and the sun is startin to melt away the clouds. Work today will be boring, so I can get some much needed web design done. Hopefully I will be able to hang out with some friends tonight. Allison, my friend from high school who now goes to Ball State will be coming to town later this evening to visit one of her friends who transfered to IU from BSU. There are also a couple other people I would like to hang out with tonight, or at least a couple times before we all leave for the summer. I wasn’t this attached to people last summer. I guess that something great happened this year that made me a lot closer to many more people.

Song of the DayMad World Gary Jules

Quote of the day “You guys took the black right out of me” – Emma at Wendy’s last night.

Mac Fund $340.04



PS: Here is my summer contact information…
7599 East Waldrip Creek Road
Bloomington IN 47401
EVERYONE should write me because if you do, I will write back. Plus, I’d like to hear from y’all a lot this summer since we won’t be able to hang out.