Fantasy Spree

So this weekend, I went on a fantasy game-buying spree…
…more about that after the weekend update.

First something I need your help with. I deleted a lot of files off of that I think are old or whatever. If you’re browsing around this site and notice something not working the way it used to (i.e. the spotlight search or whatever), please let me know. I do have an offline copy of all the files I deleted that I’m going to keep until I’m comfortable none of them are needed.

Now on to the Monday Update.

This weekend was nice and relaxing. Friday was the usual Happy Hourness. It was ok even though we couldn’t sit in the same location as usual. Friday night, Erin came over and we hung out, but that was about it.

Saturday I went to Columbus to see Laura in her Solo & Ensemble contest and to see my parents. She ended up getting a second on the performance, but that’s about what I expected after hearing it. We went to lunch at Chili’s, which is going to be my birthday meal since I won’t see them until after my birthday. I then got convinced to go to Shelbyville to help fix some computer problems. Apparently my parents hard-reset the router, and in doing so confused their computers. My mom also downloaded some patch from Microsoft for our Lexmark printer. Yea… I just said that… a Microsoft patch for our Lexmark printer. So I ended up having to fix what Microsoft “fixed”. I find myself doing that more and more often lately… Whatever.

Saturday night, I picked Erin up from a gathering she went to and subsequently got upset at, but for more details, you’ll have to check out her blog.

Sunday, after waking up, I watched the basketball game, which was a disappointment. I don’t understand why we always loose to Minnesota. That’s all I did. Erin came over to hang out after her BRBB rehearsal.

If you’re reading that and thinking “There’s a lot of downtime in there,” you’d be wrong. There is a lot of World of Warcraft in there. I went on a fantasy game-buying spree, like I mentioned above. For my birthday, I purchased my own copy of World of Warcraft so I can stop leeching Will’s account. I also bought my own copy of Fable for the Xbox so I don’t have to rent it anymore when I want to play it. So yea, I’ve joined the ranks of the uber-dorks. I’ve been playing WoW for two days and I’ve worked my way up to a level 12 Night Elf Warrior. I play on Dark Iron; so if you want to join, look up Rootusair. When Dark Iron is down, I’ll be on Sen’Jin as an Orc Warlock named Thusair. Yea, needless to say, I’m addicted to the game.

Fable is Fable. I’ve played it before and enjoy playing it when I don’t have to think about something. It’s pretty linear, hence the not thinking.

I think that’s about all I want to write right now. I’m hungry and Will and I are going to get some food. Then I might play more WoW, or I’ll just hang out. Either way, this post is over.

The End-of-the-Blog Rundown

Song of the DayRainy Day Woman — Bob Dylan

Quote of the Day — :Erin hands me her purse: Me: “But it doesn’t match my shoes…” Erin: “Wow, you said something funny!”

Today’s Moment of Bliss — Ossama Bin Laden has a book list, and one of the books is #32 on the top seller’s list. It was 52 earlier this week. How can he recommend books when he’s hiding out in a cave in Afghanistan?

Hero of the Day — Jimi and Will for making my adjustment to WoW easier.

Current MoodHungry! — Hungry!

Until the next post…

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