Dusting off the Blog

Wow, I didn’t think it would have been this long since I blogged last, especially since I’ve been on campus just about every evening since my last post. I’ve just not been in the mood lately to blog.

But today was a good time.

It all started pretty normally, I woke up, ate breakfast, worked for Keith in the morning, mowing everywhere I could fit a mower :). The afternoon was the best part.

We moved all the docks into place for the summer.

Now that doesn’t sound too interesting, but you have to realize, we all came from normal ranger work, i.e. mowing, moving picnic tables, etc. Naturally, we were all wearing work clothes. If you’ve ever moved the docks at Ransburg, you know that there is always a “wet man” so to speak.

Well, Craig and I both were the wetmen.

Still not that interesting of a story, huh?

Ok, here’s the interesting part.

While we were working on these monstrous pieces of floating problem solving, the almighty weather creating entity decides to blow up a thunderstorm. This rain hurt, especially on a bare back/chest. Not only did the rain hurt, but it was a full blown thunderstorm, lightning, thunder, the whole bit. The wind made the docks a little tougher to manipulate, but we did fine.

The rain only lasted about 5 minutes, then it was sunny, but the lightning was still striking right over AP ridge.

We finished the docks, and I went for a swim.

We then lifted the Black Perl out of the water to empty her starboard pontoon. We filled it with water by placing all of the anchors on it. The lightning started picking up again as a HUGE cumulonimbus cloud started creeping our way.

The nice thing about this cloud is that it decided to leave us alone, and hammer ridge 4 with lightning and rain. Meanwhile, Keith and I are standing next to an aluminum pontoon boat sitting on shore, we’re the only ways that a lightning strike could reach the ground, naturally. Matt, Craig and Dustin were tasked with taking the AP pontoon boat (which has a broken engine lowering piece) out of the water after we were done with the Perl.

All of this while there was lightning over AP ridge and over on ridge 4.

It was a good time.

That’s my story for the week.

In other news, I need a new phone. Mine sucks. I’m getting a Nokia 6800, hopefully Thursday before I leave town for NCS.

That’s all for now, folks!

The End-of-the-Blog Rundown

Song of the DaySilent Steeples – Dispatch

Event of the Day – Moving the docks in a thunderstorm

Event of the Week – Staff Weekend 🙂 WE GOT ALL THE CANVAS SET UP!

Quote of the Day – Luke: Is that all you did today? Move ten picnic tables?
Matt: And killed a turtle!

Current Mood – Sore from a long day of work.

Until the next post…

7 thoughts on “Dusting off the Blog

  1. Just make sure the docks don’t float out to AP this year!

    Say Hi to Thad for me, please.

  2. Tell Thad that I have two pieces of wood, a wood burner, and stencils that belong to him. Thanks

  3. Black PERL?

    If that typo was intentional, then… you’re too geeky for me, babe.
    If that type was unintentional, then… you’re too geeky for me, babe.

  4. Matt killed a turtle… when I was driving home from B’ton, I saw a turtle that had been smashed by a car.

    And then I read a news article about a turtle that went sailing through some guy’s windshield at 60 mph.

    Turtles are cool.

  5. Haha, yes, Matt killed a turtle. AND he informs us all today that he also killed a squirrel this morning. hahaha.

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