Dumbass Day!

Today must be Dumbass Day…

Just Plain Soopid – Dumbass Number 1

Dubbya Tee Eff Mate!

Bizarre – Dumbass Number 2

Local – Dumbass Number 3

Computer Dumb – Dumbass Number 4:
When I was at work today, I got a call on the radio for me to head to Ballantime Hall to help an instructor get the screen on the instructor’s station to work. I get over there and start looking at things and notice that the monitor cable is unplugged from the box that projects it. I proceed to plug it in and tighten the screws, but the screen still does not respond. Now, here on campus, all the computers stay on all the time. This is because most problems can be fixed remotely. Apparently, not only was the cable unplugged, but the comptuer was turned off too. Stupid woman… Figure it out.

For Kids? – Dumbass Number Five

All I have to say about these is wow… just wow…

I know I’ve been neglecting the meaningful posting lately, but one is forth coming, as well as a well-designed, nonsense post 🙂

3 thoughts on “Dumbass Day!

  1. I hate that when a cow runs me over while I’m out for an evening jog. You’d think they’d sell pills for that kind of thing.

  2. damn those cows, think of how many deaths we could stop a year if we could just keep those damn cow within a fence. hot the fuck do you get ran over by a fuckin cow? holy crap, i must be fat because i can’t get out of the way of the slow moving cow. i’m sorry he got hurt, but that’s just plain stupid.

    yea, and the pope probebly though the break dancers were something else, no offense to the pope or anything, but he just sat there and was congradulating them. but i could be mistaken.

    oh, and damn, if all those people out there playing rusian roulette used one of those toy guns instead of the real thing, we would have so many living people around. god, only asians would think of that, once again, no offense to them. and i’m not racist if you thought that. my best friend is chinese.

  3. Let me be blunt hayden. Don’t talk man. Every time you do you just prove how much of a douchebag you are.

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