Drinks All Over the Kitchen

I really need to get off this once-a-month blogging cycle. My 101 goals should help with that, but until that starts (i.e. when I have 101 goals documented) I have to remember to sit down and write here. For those of you who know me well, that doesn’t happen.

I’ve learned a few things the last few weeks, most notably, my food processor is not ice crushing capable. A couple weekends ago, we were hanging out in the apartment with the intention of having margaritas. Keep in mind; I’m terrible at mixing/making drinks of most any time, let alone one as complicated as a frozen margarita. I put the tequila and mix into the food processor, throw in some ice, cap the machine and turn it on…

Then hilarity ensued…

As the blades in the processor spun around and around at great speed, the ice spun around and around at great speed…

All of this momentum caused the tequila/margarita mix concoction to climb up the sides of the food processor and leak, with great velocity, out the top of the food processor covering my shirt, pants, the kitchen, floor and some walls with a deluge of not-so-frozen margarita liquid. Dejected, I turned the margarita making process over to a more qualified amateur barkeep.

From now on, I plan to keep to making drinks I can handle… whiskey on the rocks, gin and tonic, beer in a pint glass, water/Power aid in a water bottle, etc. Any beverage that requires fancy equipment (like a blender) I won’t even attempt.

I will, however, brew my own beer. Yes, you heard correctly, I will soon (this weekend) become a home brewer. Friday, when I’m done with work, I’m heading to Butler Winery to grab a starter brew kit and ingredients. I’ve been relying heavily on John Palmer’s How to Brew to get me started, but I think I’ve got a good grasp of what I need to do to get going. The first brew will be a pale ale that I’ve already promised to name Pale Jimi Ale. I still need to come up with a name for my little apartment-based operation, but I still have some time. I also need to devise a creative label to be placed on each bottle.

I’ve already planned my first three brews:

  1. Pale Jimi Ale (easy starter beer)
  2. 09-09-09 Barley wine (intended to be brewed on 09-09-08 for drinking on 09-09-09)
  3. A Holiday type beer (to be gifted over the holidays if it’s tasty)

After that, I’m not sure where I’ll go. I want to try a lot of things like 90 min hopping (a la Dogfish Head’s 90 min. IPA), a porter, stout, different barley wines, etc. It’s a new hobby that I’m excited to get started with.

The only down side is that the apartment will, from this day forward, smell like yeast farts, but I’m ok with it…

In other apartment related news, we have new overhead neighbors — Mr. Gardner, Ms. James, Mr. Goth and Jack. It’s going to make for some fun get-togethers and, since I’m brewing beers, it’s nice to know who’s living above you. That’s really all I have to add about that.

A few weeks ago, Jimi got a new kitten, Biff:
Biff, passed out
(I apologize for the photo quality. My iPhone’s camera was dirty.)

The day he showed up, Roark and Komodo became super territorial and thus turned against each other. Roark, being the fat-kid he is, claimed my bathroom (where the litter box and food sits) as his and Komodo claimed my bedroom. This became problematic for Roark because every time he wanted to leave the bathroom, he had to confront Komodo, who wasn’t too happy he had claimed the bathroom and did everything in her power to keep him cornered.

Luckily, this game only lasted until Roark got bored and Komodo got hungry. The two of them still didn’t get along too well for about a day and a half while they adjusted to the smell of the new “little one.” The three cats finally ended up getting along in about six or seven days. When the two older cats were out, the little dude was locked in Jimi’s bathroom and when the little dude was out, the older cats were locked in my bedroom as to avoid conflict. Now, Biff uses both Roark and Komodo as toys, chasing their tails, pouncing on them while napping, etc. Roark has earned himself the nickname “Biff’s favorite toy” and is the most tolerant of the playing. When they get tired of Biff’s antics, they either run away or just smack him in the face a couple times until he leaves them alone. Biff, being a kitten, isn’t the quickest of cats yet, but he does like to yell when he isn’t getting enough attention.

As I alluded to earlier, I’m going to be putting off my 101 goals experiment until I do, in fact, have 101 goals. This might mean it’ll be put off a few weeks or a couple months. One thing’s for sure, I’m not abandoning the project. I do have a handful more goals to add, so I’ll be putting them in when I’m done writing this post.

That’s really all I have for now. The quote at the end of this post is from my sister who knows full well I’m a vegetarian.


So, do you eat your meats Kosher?

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  1. He’s the new cat’s favorite toy. Biff would rather play with Roark than any of his toys.

    Also, I am not an old cat lady. I only have two cats… and the two cats are friends…

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