Day One of Classes

Ok, so I’m not skipping class at all this semester. I’ll start a countdown at the end of each blog entry, to keep you all informed.

My HCI class is going to be a lot of fun for me. I’m really looking forward to it. Anyway, here’s the synopsis of the first day, first impressions.

Walk into class, the prof is a couple minutes late, no biggie, most of the students were late as well. He starts teaching, well, talking. He’s a pretty interesting guy, and promised dancing polar bears if he gets too boring. I’m going to hold him to that. But I digress… The class is called Human Computer Interaction, remember this. He takes a good 10 minutes (while we hear a presentation frim one of the career services folks) trying to set up a laptop to play video on the RGB unit. He gets the video to show, but not the sound, so he gets his TAs working on it while he goes over the syllabus. While going through the syllabus, he gets a phone call. I thought he was goign to answer it, but he didn’t, which is better for us. If he answers his phone in class, what message does that send to his students.

Interesting note, we can get what are called “Magic points” for participating… Magic points? c’mon man.

Moving on… He finishes with the syllabus, but he overlooked that we dont’ have class next monday because of MLK Jr. Day. When a student in the class pointed this out (he’s been in my classes before, he always keeps the professors honest), he asked us “What are you going to do to celebrate MLK Jr’s birthday?” a kid in the back of the class yells “I’m getting drunk”. You know you’re in college when…

Another gal pointed out that class starts at 2:30, not 2:35 and that it ends at 3:45 not at 4:00 like his syllabus says. This was a surprise to him because he figured we would like to start class late so we could get there on time. It’s amazing that in college, class starts when it is supposed to, not five minutes late and ends when it says it will, not fifteen minutes later. Just another funny observation I made about the way this guy thinks…

Back to the comptuer. His TAs called in the tech support and he couldn’t figure it out either. I just wanted to go up there, press aux, and turn the volume up. Seemed simple to me… So with the computer not usable to him, he wires up his TiVo. Now I thought these things were dead, guess not. So we watch this video about an idea firm, a think tank of innovation. Seemed pretty cool.

I just found it ironic that this class is called HCI and he can’t even get a comptuer to work on the classroom setting. The class will be fun, and I’m looking forward to it, but I’m very objective, and those were the things that stood out in my mind today.

That’s all, more later.


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  1. My professors didn’t promise *me* dancing polar bears… But my finite professor reminds me of Frink from the Simpsons.

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