Day Five

I actually spent some cash yesterday. I didn’t include anything in the post I made yesterday morning because I wasn’t 100% sure how much I would be spending. Here’s the expense list:

  • Speaker Wire – $5.53
  • Cheese on my dinner sandwich – $0.21
  • Total outflow – $5.74

I also had the usual $2.20 spent on gas getting to and from work yesterday.

That brings the monthly total/averages to the following:

Monthly Cash Outflow Update
Total Cash Spent – $5.74
Daily Average – $1.15
Total Cash Spent on Gas – $21.60
Daily Average on Gas – $4.32

Tuesday, the apartment complex had the flooring guys come in and replace our carpet. The new hardwood laminate floor is awesome! When I got home from work, both cats were cowering in my bedroom. Me, thinking that Roark would be ok coming to visit, pulled him out, walked into Jimi’s room to see what he was up to and as soon as I got into the living room, Roark tore the crap out of my hand and ran into Jimi’s room, under his bed. Moral of the story is that cats don’t like loud noises, and we have a new floor everywhere but our bedrooms and bathrooms.

The project that has been consuming me at work is about to draw to a close for now. I’ve been sitting on the IU Web Content Management System (WCMS) committee since this summer. We’re looking at WCMS’s that would fit the needs of the IU community. My most recent assignment coming out of that group was to develop a 2-day training session on an open source WCMS — eZ Publish. Don’t let the name fool you, it’s nothing but eZ… It’s one of the least user-friendly WCMS’s I’ve ever seen.

Nonetheless, the training is being done the week of the 24th, so I’ll be a little less stressed after that. When the WCMS stuff is over, I’ll be focusing on Flash. I thought I’d never say this, but I am actually looking forward to finishing the new Flash curriculum.

Hopefully I’ll get out and get some geocaching done next week. I need to get outside, I’ve got a really bad case of the winter blues… It’ll also give me something interesting to take photos of for the photoblog. I miss both those things (photography and geocaching) and am looking forward to running around outside with my camera.

Now all I need is someone to run around outside looking for little pieces of crap hidden in boxes…

That’s all I have time to write now.

I don’t want to learn what I’ll need to forget

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  1. hey, soo…. I know that you said you were going to start again this month – so where is it? also, you havent updated in over a month L2 bl0g son…

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