Darwin Award Recipient

I don’t know if any of you read CNN news regularly, but I found this article today while I was at work. Basically this man attached a GPS ready cell phone to his ex’s car complete with a motion detector to turn the phone on when the car moved. He then programmed the phone to update a website so he could track this woman’s traveling. He would show up randomly at places where she was.

You may be asking “Why does this man disserve the Darwin Award? This is a pretty slick scheme to stalk someone.” The flaw in the system is that to keep the battery charged, Ara needed to actually physically change it… The woman caught him while he was changing the battery.

Here’s a piece of advice I learned in my class about cheating. I’ll give it to you all free of charge. If you’re going to cheat someone, be a sore loser. Make sure there is no way you can be caught and/or there is no way they can turn around and cheat you.

The simple solution to Ara’s problem… Wire a power inverter to the alternator and directly to the cell phone. This way the battery never needs to be changed.

I guess these are the thing you overlook when you’re an assbutt.

That’s all for now, I’m out!


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