What a great day for Chicago sports.

The Chicago Cubs have not won a playoff series since 1908 – that’s 95 years for those of you who are keeping track – until now. In an awesome game, the Cubs beat the Atlanta Braves 5 – 1 at Turner Field in Atlanta. This was one of the contributing factors to me having an awesome weekend.

Another main factor was that the Bears also won. I had given up on the Bears’ game after Cordell Stewart was intercepted and the Raiders had a run that ended on the Bears’ 20 yard line. At this point, I decided that I would go to bed for the afternoon to be at work. I wake up around 4:30 to go to dinner, and Mike tells me that the Bears won. I didn’t believe him at first because it seemed so impossible to me, but after confirming what he had said on, I was a believer. A lot of Bears fans have been very disappointed with their performances lately. Now they are 1 – 3 on the regular season and 1 -1 at the new Soldier Field (which I think is totally out of place on the Chicago Lakefront).

The last contributing factor was the trip to Hoosier Heights Saturday night. Beth, Neil, Steph and I all went out there for an evening of climbing. It was a well earned break from school and work stresses, for me. Everyone had a good time from what I can tell. I know that Beth and Steph had fun because they have asked me to take them again sometime. Of course, I don’t have a problem with that :).

After climbing, we went to Burger King and then headed back to the house. Dinner – if you could call it that – was soso. It was Burger King, what else do you expect… It’s not like it was a gourmet meal cooked by a master chef. When we finished eating, we chilled at the house for a while, then headed out to Beth’s place to hang out some more. We bought Bowling for Columbine to watch (bought meaning we bought it from OnDemand TV for a day). Most everyone ended up passing out at some point during the movie. I only missed about 5 minutes of it. The documentary was great. I throughly enjoyed watching this flick.

Anyway, that’s about all that’s happened to me recently. And now for the end of the blog rundown…

Picture of the day

The picture says it all…

Song of the dayHey, Hey – Dispatch

Quote of the day
“We just got done climbing dude, that shit’s hard!” – Beth after climbing on Saturday night