C.O.P.E. on a rope!I�m in

C.O.P.E. on a rope!

I’m in a much better mood now.

I’m sorry to all of you who were worried about me after the last post I made. I was in a very strange mood that evening and I’m sorry that I made you worried. Things are looking up now, I’m a much happier person and I’m much more ready for the summer to start.

It’s reached the point in the summer that I will be making weekly posts to my blog-I’m not going to be able to post daily/quasi daily because of camp. I haven’t posted for two weeks now because of camp. I went out last Wednesday after the flurry of doctor’s appointments on Monday and Tuesday. I’ve been playing Ranger, which is quite fun to me. I got to drive the tractor to mow on Wednesday and then I got to drive around the GMC on Thursday delivering cots around camp. It’s been enjoyable because Laura, Dustin, Nathan and Luke are great people.

National Camping School started that Saturday, so Bill, Sox and I drove over to Osceola Missouri. Let me tell you, the camp was located at in-the-middle-of-nowhere Missouri. I was lucky that I had a cell phone signal to make a few, quite broken phone calls. The physicality of the camp was kinda crappy. There were tire tracks in the grassy areas, the campsites were all rocky and nasty and the buildings were in a bit of disrepair. But I had an awesome experience.

They say that if you surround yourself with greatness, you will be great. Well, I believe that if you surround yourself with awesome people, you will have an awesome time. I spent one week with thirty of the best people that I have ever met. Here’s a shout out to Dependable Drew, Dynamo Dave, Crazy Ed, Wild Will, Ambiguously Awesome Andy, Commander Amander, Dangerous Donna, Deadeye Deb, Jocular Jeremy, Jumblin� Josh, Jumping Jim, Kind Kim, Lascivious Laurie, Malicious Mason (not me), Marvelous Mayfield, Never-Without-A-Smile Nick, Nifty Nonchalant Notorious Nasty Never-Without-A-Brain Nate, Persistent Phil, Plucky Paul, Scrupulous Scott, SCUBA Steve, Swingin’ Steve, Smiley Stacey, Papa Smurf, Talented Todd, Crusty Chuck, Nervy Neil and Cherrie Charlie. You guys made a wonderful week for me and changed my mind about working at summer camps. I was going to throw in the towel probably a few weeks into the season if my mind hadn’t been changed. You guys all showed me that I can have fun and make a difference in a boy’s life and it doesn’t matter the cost, because the rewards far outweigh it anyway.

The last week was one of the best weeks of my life. We played games, built up trust and made huge impacts in each other’s lives in six very short days. I became so close to these guys that I did not want to leave them at the end of the week. I wanted to take every single one of them back to my camp and have them help me run the C.O.P.E. course. That’s logistically not possible because I would be stealing 30 of the best C.O.P.E. Directors in the country.

At the end of the week, we all went out to a place called The Poor Farm Bar. We all had a great time at the bar. They only served six beers – Coor’s Light, Coor’s, Budweiser, Bud Light, Busch and Busch Light. Let’s just say that I had about a twelve pack of mixed varieties. I mostly went out to celebrate with the aquatics folks that I spent time with at meals and flags. I felt their pain and I didn’t get to go out last year.

Anyway, that’s about the wrap up of my week. One last shout out before I go. It goes out to my good friends Eric and Carly for hanging out with me all week. You guys are awesome even though you don’t have C.O.P.E. names – I won’t hold that against you 😉

Anyway here’s the end of blog low down:

What I see out my window�
Nothing, it’s dark outside – I feel the hope of a better day tomorrow and am looking forward to returning to camp tomorrow early evening.

Song of the day Savoy Truffle – The Beatles

Quote of the day

Ldmp365 (11:21:43 PM): im not THAT random
Ldmp365 (11:21:50 PM): i think you bring out the randomness in me
tlmason AEA (11:21:55 PM): um….:-X
tlmason AEA (11:22:03 PM): haha, probably
Ldmp365 (11:22:04 PM): hahahaha
tlmason AEA (11:22:10 PM): we’re combined randomness
Ldmp365 (11:22:32 PM): yes, yes we are
Ldmp365 (11:22:36 PM): we’re almost dangerous

Quote of NCS “After being out on the course all day, seatbelts just don’t seem adequate enough to provide safety.” — Dynamo Dave after a day out at the high course.

Mac Fund $628.48

I’ll post again next week sometime before Friday.

Until then, peace out yo!