Continued… ok, so it’s been


ok, so it’s been a long time since I have finished my english story.

To make a longer story short, she wasn’t serious. It was her way of starting a discussion about persuasion. It worked, yay for shock teaching methods (I don’t even know if that exists or if I just made that up).

So here’s the story of my 21st birthday…it’s a pretty good one. I’ll go through my whole day so you get the picture.

I wake up on saturday (Feb. 1 – the day before) and decide that I’m going to get some homework done. I work on my homework till around noon or somewhere within an hour of noon when my roomates wake up. We decided to play some Final Four 2003 on the PS2 for an hour or so. Following our quasi-tournament, I went to Cingular on Walnut Street to sign a new phone contract. If you’re not familiar with this process, it involves photocopying of your liscence and running your credit histrory. Well, my credit history wasn’t sufficient enough for me to sign a contract without paying a $300 deposit that I would get back in 12 months. I don’t carry an extra $300 in my back pocket (I found out I was in the minority here *you can’t convey sarcasm in text too well*).

So after the phone fiasco, I went home and relaxed for a while. I didn’t really do anything till we watched Magnolia. During which, I was calling around to find some people to go out with me at midnight. I ended up going out with Rosemary and Ozzy. They came over to see the last 15 minutes or so of Magnolia (some of the freakiest film I have seen). Don’t get me wrong, Magnolia is a great movie, just a little on the odd side. Anyway, I digress, we decided to go to Kilroy’s on Kirkwood first. We get to the parking lot and we’re all finding two pieces of ID so we can get in the bar. I open my wallet…no ID. Check my pockets….no dice. So here I am standing in the parking lot without ID wanting to go out at 12:01am to celebrate my birthday when the lightbulb that floats over everyone’s head clicked on. My license was in the copy machine inside Cingular on Walnut Street… Silly Tom, forgot to leave with his license… I switch to problem solving mode… I hae my student ID, which has a picture on it…I don’t have anything with my birthday on it… (this is when the small iridescent light bulb turns into a large halogen flood lamp) I HAVE A SMALL CERTIFIED COPY OF MY BIRTH CERTIFICATE!! WAHOO…now if only the bars will accept it.

I walked into the bar and gave the bouncer my ID and Birth Certificate. He asks for a different piece of ID, so I tell him my story about leaving it in the copy machine inside Cingular on Walnut Street. He looks at me kinda strangely and I’m thinking “He’s not going to let me in, he’s not going to let me in.” He says “That’s a pretty good story, and since you didn’t hesitate, I’ll let you in. Happy Birthday.” Whew, what a relief. I get to celebrate my 21st with my friends.

To make the rest of the evening short, after Kilroy’s we went to Sports (which, if you don’t know, is a Kilroy’s also). We met up with EBeth while we were there. She left before us to go to Bullwinkles with some friends. By the time I was leaving Sports, I was feeling the alcohol pretty heavily and aparently I agreed to go to Bullwinkles with Ozzy and Rosemary. We got there right before last call, so I had one shot and a beer, danced a bit, then we had to leave. While we were there, we met up with one of the guys that I went to high school with, JC. He invited us to his place afterward for an after party. I was there until a little after 5:00 am when I finally went home, and the rest is history.

Overall it was an enjoyable 21st birthday.

That’s all I have for now.

Quote of the day
“How do you spell iridescent?” — me
“I don’t know, I’ll Google it. I wonder how many people use Google as their spell check.” — Jacob
“Probably only super computer geeks.” — me
“Or anyone who has a browser open and it’s quicker than using word. I’m so hopeless.” — Jacob
“I’m the same way.” — me

Mac fund update – $35.12
I’m getting there, but slowly