Congrats to IU!

Congratulations to Indiana University Bloomington for becoming the nations most wired campus again. PC Magazine has ranked IUB the most wired campus in the country. Apparently the new Oncourse environment had a lot to do with the new ranking.

Speaking of Oncourse, Monday and Tuesday of this week I spent all day learning how to teach the Oncourse workshops. Those were two long and grueling days…

Anyway, not too much is new with me. I’ve been going to work daily, chillin’ around home and hanging out with friends in the evenings and on the weekends. This week has been especially entertaining. Monday night, cardrey and Josh came over to hang out for Monday Night Football (GO BEARS!) and some hookah. Last night, Erin and I met up with cardrey, Jen and Josh at BWs for some tasty wings and beers. I determined that I don’t like orange sauce wings. It has something to do with the peppers involved with the spicy-ing.

That brings me to now, my first full day in the office this week.

My obsession of late has been Google Reader and as such, I have recently become obsessed with subscribing to RSS feeds. I started subscribing as a way to combat comment spam here since I can subscribe to comments as a feed, but it turned into me subscribing to everything from‘s feed to a lot of personal blog feeds.

EDIT:And along the lines of technology, apparently Apple, when they release their iPhone (still speculation) will partner with Cingular Wireless to provide their own wireless service. Hopefully they won’t offer their own service, but instead only offer their iPhone through Cingular. Good for me since Cingular is my provider.

Apparently the iPhone that was being released is a lame VoIP phone released under the Linksys brand by Cisco. Again, might I say LAME.

But again, that’s still purely speculation.

More good news…
While I was at work, I found a video posted to a message board that I thought you all would enjoy. Less Than Three.

I also started thinking “When people say God Bless to someone who doesn’t believe in a god of some kind, is it insulting? If so, shouldn’t they be saying something along the lines of ‘Evolution Honors You’ instead?” Discuss…

Yea, I know, I lead an exciting life…

…and once again my post has become quite long. I am done writing for now. I’ll write again soon.

Evolution honors you all!

The End-of-the-Blog Rundown
Song of the DaySouthern Cross — CSNY
Quote of the Day — “I on’t want to criticize coach Ungy’s efense. I believe Wight Freeney is a star. Gotta get the D back, or our Colts won’t get very far.” — Duke Tomato — Lord, Help Our Colts heard on Bob and Tom.
Heroes of the Day — cardrey and Josh for coming over Monday night
Current Moodexcited — Excited and I don’t know why.

Until the next post…

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  1. well, im going to camp, hopefully to get my interview done. i dont know how long im going to be there. methinks ill call you later on today about it.

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