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Greetings from the Information Commons! Today has been an eventful day, but before I get into the day’s happenings, let me tell you all what I’ve been up to this wonderful Winter Break.

Break started with me going to Happy Hour last Friday. It was a good time, and we all made plans to go see The Spin Doctors at the Bluebird. Well, the closer it got to Spin Doctor time, the more and more upset my stomach felt. So we finally got on the road, stopped by Wendy’s to get me something to settle my stomach (I know, fast food, but I needed it). Snarfed down a Wendy’s Double Cheeseburger and Fries before we got to the Bluebird. For those of you not from Bloomington, Wendy’s is about a mile and a half down a straight road where the stoplights are all synchronized to keep you driving. Yea, it took me nearly two minutes to eat the whole freakin value meal.

We (Erin, Cardrey and I) got to the Bird and listened to the Spin Doctors, who were awesome. I got really tired, and Erin and I decided to leave. That was the end of that night.

The next day, Erin and I made it out to Staff Weekend for some interviews and whatnot. We helped with a service project then had to leave. Erin was going home to pack and leave for St. Charles and I was going home to nap before I worked the graveyard.

Sunday morning, I worked the graveyard. I made headway on my STC Mac OS X Tiger Training, and got back into the swing of graveyard tasks. It’s been a few semesters since I’ve had a graveyard, so I had to remind myself what exactly went on during them. I do have one graveyard (Wednesday morning) next semester, so this was a good reminder.

Sunday afternoon, after I awoke from my post-graveyard slumber, I took a trip to the ville to bring my parents a new CD-RW drive for their computer and to fix the wireless internet which had been down for a few days. Turns out the only problem was that the power cord had gone bad. I left them with a new cord and took the old one back to B’ton to see if I could fix it.

Monday and Tuesday were cleaning days. I think I worked in there some, but I can’t remember. Wednesday was a day for working around the house and working at the IC. Thursday was my favorite day of the week. I DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING AND IT WAS EVERYTHING I THOUGHT IT WOULD BE!!! That brings us to today, Friday, exactly one week from the beginning of my break.

Today, I worked from noon to 4 in the Information Commons, working more on my Mac training and such. Around 2:15, the fire alarm went off. One of my tasks when there’s a fire alarm is to get everyone out of the computer labs in the Herman B Wells Main Library. Well, let’s just say I was lucky to have George around. He is a member of the Logistics team and took care of clearing the IC2 and the fifth floor (which had to suck because you can’t use elevators in a fire).

Turns out some idiot pulled the alarm either on purpose or by accident. I’m going to bet it was on purpose. You wouldn’t imagine the number of people who asked me “Do we have to leave for a fire alarm?” DUH PEOPLE! The Herman B Wells Main Library does not practice fire drills. Any alarm is the ‘real thing’.

I get outside and most of the people on my side of the building are standing under the awning. I half-jokingly said “Yea, let’s all stand under the burning building after we come outside to escape the burning building.” I think my sarcasm was pretty thick because as I said it, everyone moved away from the building.

After we all got into the building, I got an email from Professor Camp with news about us publishing our paper. She told us that the work we’ve already done can be counted as a preliminary study and that the Human Subjects Committee gave us the go-ahead to do more research and come up with better findings. She also listed a couple conferences (one in New York and the other in Boston) that we would go to in order to present our findings and some publications where our work would be published. That excites me and makes me happy all in one.

After work, I had dinner at my favorite Mexican restaurant, La Charreada. I also got home in time to watch all but the last minute of IU vs. Butler, in which IU beat Butler, but not in our typical fashion. We barely were able to shoot from 3-point land; rather we pounded the ball inside and played a scrappy short-range game, just like good ol’ Indiana boys know how to play. It was fun to watch, although to the non-Hoosier, it would have appeared quite sloppy.

Then I got back to work from 8 to midnight. You might be wondering about the title of the post. Well, in exactly a half hour, I have to start closing the Information Commons and thus the Herman B Wells Main Library for the Christmas Eve and Christmas Holidays. I get to kick everyone out of this usual 24-hour-a-day-7-days-a-week study haven and force them to go home. All the academic buildings will be closed Saturday and Sunday.

I’m back in the lab, bright and early Monday morning at 8 to re-open the Information Commons… Definitely not excited about that.

Tomorrow, I get to drive up to Shelbyville, open some Christmas gifts, hop back into a car, drive to Hartford City. In Hartford City, we will do the usual Christmas thing; we’ll go to mass with the Grandmother, eat dinner with the Grandparents and probably the Uncle Geoff, Aunt Tracie and cousin kids. Do the Christmas Gift thang, sleep, wake up and go home. Sunday night, I will be driving back to Bloomington from Shelbyville so that I can get a good night’s sleep (hah, yeah right) before I have to be at work Sunday morning.

I haven’t been sleeping well lately. I thought it was a problem with me falling asleep, so I went and bought some Unisom. That’s apparently not the problem. I can fall asleep just fine, but around 2am, I wake up and go from awake to asleep in fifteen minute intervals all the way until 5am. At 5am, I seem to be able to fall asleep well for a good three or four hours. After that, you can kiss sleep good-bye because it’s starting to get light outside. I can’t sleep well when it’s sunny. I just pray for my sanity that every Wednesday next semester, it is very, very overcast so I can get some sleep.

I think that’s about all I want to spew onto the internet right now, so I’m going to leave you all and start kicking people out of the IC.

peace out!

Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate it, Happy Hanukah, Happy Kwanzaa to those of you who don’t, and for anyone I missed, Happy Holidays!!

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Quote of the Day — “The gate… Something has happened to the gate… It’s horrible!” — Tracie when talking to someone on the Logistics staff about the broken Student Building gate.

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