Classes… BLAH!

So classes start today, and I’m not too excited about that.

My list of classes are:
INFO I300 – Human Computer Interaction (HCI) 3cr.
INFO I308 – Information Representation 3cr.
CSCI A202 – Information Infastructure II (Java) 4cr.
ECON E202 – Macroeconomics 3cr.

I am looking forward to HCI, Java and Econ, but not 308. I’ve heard from many, many of my friends that 308 is the hardest class you have to take in the School of Informatics. Books for HCL and 308 haven’t even been reported yet and classes start today.

In other news, I have completed the RSS feeds and syndication of other’s blogs on mine. If you know the address of your RSS feed, please send it to me so I have it. The syndications will change when someone’s blog becomes boring and I need a change. I have placed the photoblog and resolutions blog links at the bottom of every entry to make them easier to get to.

Anyway, enough with that. On to something that matters.

I’m moving to Wyoming. Peace and quiet, nobody around, cheap gas… ahhh… 🙂

Ok, click on the link below to see why I choose the excerpt that I did today. I have explained for all to see my interpretation of the Scout Law.

Alright, The graveyard is almost over, so I’m going to jet. More later.

peace out y’all

Song of the DayFree Ride – The Edgar Winter Group

Quote of the Day – “You should just become a Mormon, practice poligamy, and then we could all be your wife.” – Lindz at about 4:00 this morning, maybe later than that even.

A topic of discussion recently has been an interpretation of the Scout Law. I think I’m going to let you all in on my interpretation. For those of you who don’t know, it has twelve points to model your life after. And if you’re reading my blog and don’t know me too well, yes, I am an Eagle Scout, so if you have a problem with me posting this, get over it.

  1. Trustworthy – What does it mean to be trustworthy? It means keeping your word, following through on promises, treating others in a way so that you do not lose their trust. It’s a lot more than not telling lies and it’s definitely not being the tattle tale.
  2. Loyal – Being true to others. Not putting your more selfish interests above the friendships you have developed with others. Not betraying the trust they have placed in you. Hm… that sounds familar *looks at what he wrote for trustworthy*.
  3. Helpful – Not only to people you know, but to anyone and everyone. You don’t have to complete grand tasks to be considered helpful, even the smallest deeds can brighten the day of someone in need.
  4. Friendly – Being a friend to all, regardless. If you need more explanation, the word regardless means to anyone and everyone without reservation. (I think we all need to work on this one lately)
  5. Courteous – Don’t be a dick. Plain and simple. There are common curtoseys that exist in our world, like holding the door for the person behind you, asking nicely for things, etc. Just do it, this world would be a better place if everyone said please and thank you once in a while.
  6. Kind – Show some compassion. This is possibly the hardest point for me to abide by because I am the least compassionate person you will possibly ever meet. Compassion goes all the way from empathizing with someone to not teasing them when something doesn’t go their way. Simple.
  7. Obedient – It’s a little more than not breaking the rules. It means that you also abide by the unspoken, unwritten guidelines that govern almost everything. If you are left alone and entrusted to follow a certain procedure, you will follow it, no questions asked.
  8. Cheerful – Putting aside your own personal despair and projecting your happy side. It will make everyone around you feel a little bit better. I know it’s extremely hard when you are having the worst day of yoru life to be cheerful, but you will feel much better if you only give it a try.
  9. Thrifty – Not just with money, but with natural resources, goods such as power, paper, food, etc. If there is a way to keep from doing something superflously, find it, and abide by it.
  10. Brave – This, to me, is one of the most important points of the Law. To be Brave is to stand up not only to your fears or to your foes, but it is more importantly to stand up for what you know is right even in the face of adversity. That is the stuff that character is made of and a good strong character will take you anywhere in life. Being brave also is being ready and able to use the skills that have been taught to you in any situation where they are needed, without reservation.
  11. Clean – Clean of mind, body, actions and soul. If you don’t believe in a soul, being clean of mind, actions and body. Most importantly being clean-minded and clean in your actions. Set the example that others should want to follow. If you set a good example, someone younger than you will look up to you and model their life after yours. When that happens, you have already made a difference in this world of ours.
  12. Reverent – Respecting the beliefs of others is the most fundamental part of being reverent. It does not mean that you must be a christian, jew, muslim or any other religion, it simply calls you to respect the beliefs of others. That’s all. You can be an atheist and be reverent in my eyes.

It seems so simple in principle, but in practice, it becomes quite difficult. The last year, I have resolved to live by these twelve simple rules. I feel that I am finally getting the hang of this and I’ve been around it since I was 7, that’s nearly 15 years. I know I have fallen by the wayside in the past, and I will again in the future, nobody is perfect, but as long as I do my best to follow this Law, I cannot ask anymore of myself. That is my perpetuating goal.

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  1. about your definition of the scout law, i love that. you should hear this one from my scoutmaster that puts the opposite than what’s expected.

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