Maybe not sweet home, but a sweet city.

So I was in Chicago this weekend, but I didn’t get to visit Erin because she would rather go on some lame outing with a theatre boy… πŸ˜›

Anyway, it was a good time. Drew, Mojo, Chris and I left Saturday around 10:30 and got to Chicago around 2:00 or so that afternoon. Our first adventure was finding Moosejaw Mountaineering. We turned the wrong way on Armitage and ended up driving through one of the latino communities of Chicago.

Once we got to Moosejaw, we taught the employees the games thirteen, this hand this hand, and one other that I can’t remember. We stayed in the store so long that the employees seemed to get annoyed with us and wanted us to leave, so they just stopped talking to us.

After our trouble causing in Moosejaw, we headed to the lakefront and walked around to find somewhere to eat. While we were walking around we met up with four women wanting to open a bottle of chapagne with a lighter. I pulled out my knife to pry with, which startled them, but we finally got the cap off. We walked through the new park area and just past Grand Park before we decided to eat at the first place we saw. It was “The Big Downtown”.

None of us were sure what to make about that joint… It was classy in appearance, but the background music was Good Charlotte. It was a strange restaurant.

For those of you who don’t know, Mojo isn’t a fan of large numbers of people in one place. We drove around Chicago for a while trying to find Lake Shore Dr. but ended up giving up because Mojo got tired of the number of people.

The ride home was filled with just as much bewilderment as the driving around the city. We took the tollroad home… but it’s under construction. Someone in their infinite wisdom, we’ll call this someone “The Man”, decided to put a concrete divider between the lanes. We were definitely in the left hand lane when the I-65 exit went by. The Man decided that it would be a bad idea to let commuters know that the divider didn’t let them exit onto I-65.

We made our turn around in Portage… Apparently many people had made the same mistake that evening because the lady at the tollbooth was pretty short-tempered with us because she had given the same directions many times that night.

After driving around northern Indiana for a while, we arrived home at camp sometime around 2am that morning.

Yay roadtrips!

That’s all for this posting… peace out yo!

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until the next post…

9 thoughts on “Chicago!

  1. You couldn’t find Lake Shore Drive? It’s one of the main streets in Chicago! Oh, a hint for next time… It’s right on the lake shore…

    πŸ™‚ Just messing with you! (btw, Lake Shore Dr. actually is by the lake shore)

  2. How hard is it to find Lake Shore Drive? Get into Chicago, head east.

    Very difficult. You end up on LSD (the road, not the drug) simply because there is NOTHING ELSE TO THE EAST BUT LAKE!!

    I’m directionally challenged, and I found it. Now I have a right to make fun of you for the rest of your days.

  3. seeing that A.) i’m not from chicago, B.) i’ve never driven around chicago, and C.) it’s the shittiest area of land in the entire country other than indiana; i’d say i did fairly damn well up there…


  4. Whoa mojo i was just kidding around… Please don’t take my comment personally. I guess I shouldn’t have said anything because I’ve never personally driven up there myself (my dad’s always been the one driving).

  5. I was just messing with you. πŸ˜› Yes, Chicago is often difficult to navigate.

    But the shittiest area of land other than Indiana? Doesn’t that honor go to… oh, I don’t know… Kentucky or Iowa or something?

  6. Iowa or Minnesota. Shit’s cold up there…Really, you go to wipe, and it’s solid…

    Oh, and I read Winko’s comment. I got a hearty 5 second chuckle out of it. Warmed me through and through…

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