Check It

The pictures in the upper left corner will change when you refresh. It’s based on a javascript that loads a different picture depending on the time. Every three seconds has it’s own picture.


4 thoughts on “Check It

  1. HOLY CRAP…that is awesome!!!!(in stereotypical nerd’s saliva spewing voice)…

    sorry…it makes me laugh how insane you people go over this stuff…but yes…it is awesome…

  2. i did that for a layout once (obviously it never got used)… but yeah. i couldn’t ever find a script i really liked, and since i don’t make my own scripts and what not… i use png’s and they took for flipping ever to load with the image script so i scrapped it. it was a nice idea though.
    yours is nice and purty anyhow:)

  3. that is so awsome, i could see myself and others just sitting at our computers hitting the refresh button like crazy

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