Chaos! (this is the third


(this is the third attempt to post this entry)

But first…
I got commenting working 🙂 yay Tom

Alright, today at work was interesting. There was a power surge in Gresham, the Business School and the Education School. Not only did this cause all the people working on the computers to lose their work, but it also made the CSSs and Consultants panic a bit. While Ronnie (the Business CSS) was on the radio with Tracie (the Sitechk) you could hear in the background the fire alarm going off and business students yelling. This also made Ramsey, the only guy on campus who can fix the projector units, a very busy guy. The surge caused the projectors to stop working in those buildings. After talking to Ronnie, Tracie had messages on top of messages for about 15 minutes. That’s all there is about that.

Now for the last couple days…
Monday sucked. All I did was homework and more homework. My dad did come down that afternoon so that he could get his co-worker’s car. He took me to Red Lobster where I had crab alfredo…mmmm…. Later that evening, I got to listen to a discussion between a Rabbi, a Christian Preacher, and a Muslim. The title of the discussion was “Can War be Holy?”. It was a discusison about the views of each religion on war and violence. It was very well done and interesting. I attended mainly because I needed to for my R170 class. I enjoyed it nonetheless.

Tuesday was very busy for me. I had class from 10:10 – 5:15 and then went swimming. At 9:00, we hosted the KKPsi and TBS chapters for the oh-so-embarrasing loss against Illinois. The thing that disapointed me about that was that we invited both chapters, but two sisters showed up. This is the second joint activity that has been planned this semester where a majority of our chapter will attend, but a very small portion of sigma will. Kinda disappointing.

About the basketball team… If we finish at .500 in the conference, we should get a tornament bid. If we win the Big Ten Tournament, we’ll get a higher seed in the NCAA. I don’t see us making it out of the first round though. I will be at the first round game, and the rest of the tournament games we play, with the pep band :).

My schedule today…
8-12, work, 12:30,lunch, 4, helping jacob with spanish, 5:30, working out at the SRSC, 7, Midterm exam. Somewhere in there I have to write a Midterm and a few Journam Entries for R170. Whatever…

Quote of the day
“There’s no need
To ask directions
If you ever lose your mind
We’re behind you
We’re behind you
And let us please remind you
We can send a car to find you
If you ever lose your way” — Cake from Comfort Eagle (the CD that is currently in my CD player)

Mac fund $171.64
this includes a $50 deposit from the sale of my GM stock

peace out yo


PS – Comments Work 🙂