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MRI showing the fracture on the left. Middle & Right show healed bone.

Returning to Running

A while ago, I posted these images of my lower right leg. In May, I found out I had a stress fracture on my right fibula. It sidelined me for more than six weeks. I walked with crutches and in a boot. I could take part in zero-impact sports only. Not being able to run because of a preventable injury made me generally grumpy. In September, I gave myself the all-clear to return to running.

I wanted to write about my experience. Maybe someone will find it useful.

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Bike in front of the Jangchub Chorten at the Tibetan & Mongolian Cultural Center in Bloomington, Indiana.

To Celiac or Not To Celiac?

I just got some news from my doctor. The blood test came back positive for Celiac Disease.

Let me rewind. The last blog post I wrote in a personal blog was Last of the Season? over at my old space, Scattered Thoughts on December 16, 2011. That’s been a long time ago and a lot has happened in my life. Back then, I was happily single, climbing as many weekends as I could, living with great roommates, basically existing outside of that. No big plans other than to keep going on my current path until something changed. I was a product of my own inertia.

Since then, I met an amazing  woman who is now my wife, moved into a house that we own (she owned it before we started dating), bicycled down the entire Atlantic coast of Florida (well… almost), and started planning an apiary and a meadery. I’m also working on a few web projects including this website, Hang Dog Beer, Daily Shilo, and IT Training Tips. I plan to use this space to keep track of what I’m doing, how I’m doing it, and what I’m thinking. I don’t have any really big plans for this site, but I do plan to keep writing. I also plan to keep updating Hang Dog Beer with my forays into gluten-free brewing and mead making.

Now, back to the Celiac Disease thing.

Along the way, I noticed that eating wheat makes me feel bloated, gassy, and overall gross and sluggish. My sister was also recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease, so I thought it would be a good idea to start the testing process for me too, especially since siblings of Celiac patients have a 10% greater likelihood of having the disease. The initial blood test… positive. I’m working on getting an appointment with a gastroenterologist to have a small intestine biopsy to confirm the diagnosis.

Otherwise, things have been going well. I finally feel like I’m finding my way in this world