Campus Problem Report: #1

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Date the Problem Was Noticed: 10/07/2004

Location of Problem: South West corner of the Main Library Lobby, Coffee Shop

Brief Description of Problem: Broken cappuccino machine, empty fountain drink dispenser, lack of coffee to brew, empty beverage cooler, no food of any desirable kind.

Error Message (type exactly as it appears): “I’m sorry, we’re out of everything except bananas. I can give you a cup to fill up at the drinking fountain if you would like.” ::points to three-day-over-ripe bananas::

Comments: Why do you staff a coffee shop when the coffee machines are out of service, the fountain drink dispenser is out of syrup and you have nothing to sell but nasty, soft, brown bananas? If I worked at that little hole-in-the-wall (quite literally) I would have called my manager and asked, “We’re out of everything, can I go home?” and would have closed up shop. It’s just not right to be sitting there, open, doing nothing but telling people that you’re out of everything, tempting the ones who need caffeine to get through their shift at work. Bastards…

The End-of-the-Blog Rundown

Song of the DayDays Like This – Van Morrison

Quote of the Weekend – “… and contrary to popular opinion, I have been laid.” -Rookie talent, 2004

Hero of the Weekend – Kevin for driving down to the hotel to hang out with us for a couple hours.

Hero of the Day – Erin for going out to Brown County State Park with me last night.

Current Mood – Stressed.

Check the Link Below for the synopsis of the weekend. The Photoblog has been updated almost daily for the last few weeks, check it out.

Until the next post…

I haven’t been posting a lot recently because I’ve been taking the time I would be using to post to do some studying or spend time with Erin. But anyway, here’s the update.

Here are a few random thoughts on the weekend:

  • This weekend was fun although the outcome of the game wasn’t what we had hoped.
  • The bus riding sucked major ass.
  • I finally got to see Erin’s house.
  • The football team actually showed up to play in the second half
  • Ohio State lost AT HOME to Wisconsin
  • Kicking drunk people out of your party while posing as IUPD is hilariously awesome and funny.
  • Erin’s brother is the coolest for many reasons.
  • Rookie Talent is just as crazy and funny as when I was a freshman, it’s good to see things don’t change.
  • Ram is a great place to eat, you all should check out the one in Indy.
  • IU Football still sucks.
  • Erin is awesome; she went running around the woods with me Sunday night 😀

That’s about it. I’m too lazy to recount all of the weekend’s events, so that’s what you get.



5 thoughts on “Campus Problem Report: #1

  1. Aww man, no coffee is death.

    And… as a side note, sometimes when I first come to this site in firefox the layers are crazy and not lined up. But I refresh and they’re fine. It’s probably me and not you, but just thought I’d point that out.

    MANY kisses Tom, one of these weekends I’ll come to Bton and hang out, d’accord?

  2. oh hey, I’m coming home for my fall break this coming up weekend so I will be home friday night through tuesday…maybe I could hang out with some of you guys down at IU or something

  3. No one ever says, oh Luke I’ll come visit you in Minnesota, no……… But IU, like it’s so much closer

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