Busy WeeksWell, I thought I

Busy Weeks

Well, I thought I would have a lot of time to post, but I guess I was wrong.

Anyway, my last week was extremely busy. Between classes, work and hundred, I had little to no time to relax. Wednesday I ended up going out to dinner with Emma again after I got off work at 10:00pm. We hit up the Steak ‘n’ Shake :). It was good times. I didn’t really do anything on Thursday besides go to class, work, hundred, and then cook dinner. I went to bed early that night so I could get up early and head to my Friday classes. I went to all my non-hundred classes on Friday, but I skipped band. Ryan’s parents brought down their ski boat from Cicero so Tony, Ryan and I skipped out on band to go out with his parents. It was a great time. We went over to the Rope Swing in Allen’s Creek Cove and then went tubing out on the main part of the lake. Ryan and Tony went tandem tubing the whole time. They were bouncing around, getting water splashed in their eyes and then, ultimately, they fell on top of each other and then were ready to head in.

Saturday was the raping of IU Football by KY Football. If we lost that bad to KY, there’s no way that we will end on a winning season. Oh well though. So the cookie crumbles. I always look forward to basketball season because then there are actually winning teams that play. After the game, Ryan’s and Mike’s parents took the gang out to dinner at Asuka Japanese Steak House for some Hibatchi Style food. It was a great time. I will definitely be taking a date there sometime in the near future, but who will the lady be? That is still to be determined.

Sunday… Stadium Clean-up… blah. After the clean up, I studied Molecular Bio for three hours, then went to sleep for the graveyard, which is where I am now. As usual, I got to talk to Kirstee, which was a great pleasure as always. I can’t wait till next semester when she gets back so we can hang out a bit and chill. Plus I will get to hear all of her stories about Italy and I’m sure she’ll have pictures.

Anyway, the graveyard has been pretty boring so far, not much going on.

I’m going to change the What I see out my window… section to Picture of the day. Here’s the first one…

Picture of the day

from cnn.com
The welcoming committee for Hurricane Isabel. These guys were caught on tape running away from the hurricane. What is on the end of that road sign? Is it a baseball base? Maybe he’s worried that he won’t be safe, or maybe he’s just stealing a base… Whatever…

Song of the day Silent Steeples – Dispatch

Quote of the day “Ching Ching! Sihunlau, ching-bow, ching! Cumbacflau!” — Ryan in Asuka Japanese Steak House Saturday night, not realizing that it could be taken as an insult.