That’s not why I’m writing now, but man is it cold. I’m at work and just had to walk across campus to get to the Student Building and I felt like I was going to lose a hand. It’s not very cold temperature wise, but those damn wind gusts are killing me. I don’t want to do anything tonight but sit in a nice warm building and work on group projects…

…Who am I kidding? I want to do nothing more than cover up with a blanket/cuddle up with Erin, sit on my couch, play some Halo 2/watch a movie and possibly take a nap, but that’s not going to be happening much for the next two weeks. Granted, I’ll find time to spend with Erin if it kills me, but the Halo and napping won’t be happening.

It’s crunch time here in Bloomington. Also known as the time of year when the I-CORE students invade the computer labs and make doing other group work unbearable across campus. Yes, it’s I-CORE time. For those of you not down with the “lingo”, I-CORE is short for Integrated Core — a group of four classes taken at the same time covering Finance, Strategy, Operations and Marketing. The last two weeks of I-CORE is focused on a project known as “The Case”. Groups have two weeks to produce a 100+ page document detailing a solution to a problem given to them by the I-CORE instructors. The Case integrates all previously learned business concepts in a capstone-esque experience.

Enough about I-CORE, on to why these next two weeks aren’t going to have much rest and relaxation for Tom…

I have four group projects due in the next two weeks; that is, four groups of three to five people that I have to coordinate all my free time with so that I can get these projects done. I’m not looking forward to this time of year AT ALL! I currently have a group meeting scheduled for 7:00pm on Wednesday. Wednesday is the day the ACC/Big Ten Challenge comes to Bloomington. The top-ranked Duke Blue Devils will be in THE Assembly Hall for the first time EVER to take on the number 21 ranked Indiana Hoosiers. The game tips off at 9:00pm, so I’m trying to get my group to meet earlier in the day so that I can have enough time to watch the game. We’ll see how that goes…

The main reason I’m updating right now is to announce that I will be re-designing this site over Winter Break. During my work shifts, I will be writing XHTML and CSS and PHP and JavaScript and XML and AJAX code to give ScatteredThoughts a new look for the New Year. I will start by placing color schemes on the ScatteredThoughts Development Blog so I can see what they look like live on the web. You will be able to give me input as the design process goes on. After colors have been chosen, I will move on to graphics, layout and finally overall design. I hope to have everything squared away before break so I can spend most of it coding.

I’ve been using the Development Blog to test WordPress plug-ins before putting them into my “front-line” blogs to make sure I get the desired effect, so you’ll see a lot of random crap there right now.

If you’re planning on getting me a “Holiday” or Birthday (Feb. 2) gift — that way my Jewish friends can still get me something if they so choose, but I doubt it’ll happen 😉 — I have put together a sort of perpetual gift list. It is located here. It is also linked at the top of the sidebar under the calendar on this page.

That’s all I really want to write about now. I’ll be posting to the Photoblog whenever I get a chance to breathe. I have a lot of good photos that I’ve been storing up for some reason, so there should be lots of photo posts in the next few weeks.

peace out!

The End-of-the-Blog Rundown

Song of the DayYou’re Gonna Miss Me — 13th Floor Elevators

Quote of the Day — “Business students like to keep to Kelley just like Pirates keep to ‘The Code'” — Me while talking to Aaron about how business students stay on the north side of campus and rarely venture to “Southland”.

Co-Quote of the Day — “My name is Aaron and I use Gentoo.” — When talking with Aaron about today’s Moment of Bliss.

Today’s Moment of Bliss — Realizing that the Unix Users Group was called the Unix Users Support Group my freshman year… Think about it and you’ll figure it out.

Villain of the Day — The Kelley School of Business for all their damn group projects.

Hero of the Day — Erin because I love her!

Current MoodGiddy

Until the next post…

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  1. soooo, what are you doing over christmas?? and when are you going to be able to let me shack up?? long times, tom mason, have passed since the last i saw your pretty face…

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