Blogs, Blogs and more Blogs…

So I definitely checked every blog that I keep up to date on tonight. If I didn’t leave you a comment, it’s not because I don’t like you, it’s because I was trying to get caught up as much as possible in as little time as possible. It took me three hours as it was just because I haven’t read the blogs in about a week, only because I was on vacation for a while.

I’m going to start posting every day in this blog, once a week in the lj and as often as possible in the Resolutionsblog since I haven’t posted in that for ages. I’ve had that goal before, so it shouldn’t be hard.

Hm… that’s the most interesting stuff… Make sure to check out the Link Below for my daily update.

But, now, the long awaited…

The End-of-the-Blog Rundown

Song of the DayElias – Dispatch
I’ve been on a Dispatch kick lately.

Hero of the Day – My Mommy for making me chicken noodles and mashed potatoes 🙂

Not-So-Cool Event of the Day – The LEC today at Crowe Chizek. It was possibly the longest meeting that I’ve ever attended.

Quote of the Day – “Call me the urine girl!” – Eileen, after she and I compared jobs this evening.

Current Mood – Exhausted, but extremely happy 🙂

Until the next post…

The Daily Update

Let’s see… What’s been happening in the life of Tom since his last daily update…

Oh yea! Last night, Erin, Shae, Dan and I did a little bit of drinking. Yay Irish Car Bombs! It was definitely good times. I think we made a pretty good point of ignoring Beth’s brother. On the scale of annoying people, he’s at the top as most annoying ever. Even more so than some other people I know.

Today I had to go to the Lodge Executive Committee meeting. When I was really active at the lodge level as a youth, I was able to run a pretty efficient LEC. We got the business done that we needed to be done and then went home. Apparently that’s a fine art that has been lost during the ages. The meeting today started at 2:30pm in the offices of Crowe Chizek. If you ever want to see a building with superflous security, you should go take a look at that one. Anyway, I had to be there at 1:00 to go over some stuff with Mojo. We ended up leaving the place at 7:40 or so at night.

That’s all. I’ll post again later sometime.

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