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Well, things aren’t looking so good on the grade front. I definitely failed L211 (Molefular Biology). In high school, Biology was the easiest subject for me. I aced (no kidding) the exams, including the AP Bio exam (I got a 5 and missed one question). Now it seems as though I’m a Biological Retard. I don’t feel so bad though, 26 students (that’s 25% of the class) failed too. The other L211 instructor’s section only had 6 Fs (that’s 4% of the class). Kinda makes you wonder if someone screwed up somewhere, doesn’t it?

Ok, enough of that rant. The rest of my grades were expected. Keep in mind, this is the toughest semester that I’ve had yet (coursework wise) in college. MIS – D, Genetics – D, that’s it for bad scores. Spanish – C, and Hundred, the obligatory A. I’m not depressed at all by those grades. Of course, my parents will think otherwise, but they honestly don’t understand the coursework that I had to do this semester. That’s ok.

My new goal…
Straight 4.0 until I graduate college. It’s going to be really, really tough, but it’s doable for me. I’m going to have to back off of all my other activities, but I’ll manage. If I can pull that off, I’ll graduate with somewhere around a 3.5.

In other news…
I offically have Mono. YAY for that, now I can be exhausted constantly for the next however long I have it. I have to go back to the health center sometime early next week to have a checkup and hopefully some drugs.

That’s all for now. more later.

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