Back Home Again…

Wow… The last week of events was… interesting.

Let’s just go through the things that sucked…

When I got to the airport, my ride didn’t show up until three hours after I arranged for him to be there.
There was a huge storm that spawned four tornadoes near the airport and the camp.
The food sucked.
The home camp staff was worse than the food.
Everyone at the camp was related.

That last one isn’t something that went wrong, but something I found disgusting.

I didn’t learn much, simply because I have a lot of experience with the climbing stuff.

There were good times to be had, but you’ll have to wait until later to hear about them, if I talk to you.

I’m tired, so this post is short, I’ll write more later.

Quote of NCS in Nebraska – “Damn we fucked that shit to death!” – Talented Todd Whitley talking about the discussion that was had about the Climbing standards at the Climbing Inspector’s training.

Later, y’all.

One thought on “Back Home Again…

  1. maybe you remember…maybe you don’t…but i received a phone call from you thursday night…i did in fact appreciate it…it eleviated much tension from the evening…i thank you…

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