AZ Road Trip!

What a fun evening! It was just going to be a customary trip to Butler to hang out with the Brothers of Alpha Betabut it turned into an evening of randomness and hilarity.

It started just like all of our other trips up to the Circle City. We all met at Monica’s room in Collins. Will was late, Erin and I went to pick up Kristal and Jenni. We drove up to Indy, hung out with the Brothers of Alpha Beta and Theta Eta (they came over from Eastern Illinois University). We all decided that we would hit some fast food on the way home instead of joining Alpha Beta at Denny’s. We ended up eating at IHOP which wasn’t exactly fast. The dinner ended up being extremely enjoyable, although the food was not so much… There was so much randomness at dinner that I don’t have time or space to explain it here.

The trip home was fun, but not as much fun as dinner. When we got back to Bloomington, we all decided to drive around and find something scary in the “sticks” of Bloomington… We were quite unsuccessful, but we did take a trip over to the Lake Monroe Dam. It was the first time I have seen the other side (non lake side) of the dam.

On the way back we found three pop machines… in the middle of a gravel lot… in the middle of nowhere… so some hilarity ensued. We’ve got pictures… They will be posted when I get a hold of them.

That’s the end of the night’s update.

Right now, I’m at work rather than at the basketball game… GRRR!

Since I wrote about not being at the game, we have since lost to (5)Missouri by five points. It’s going to be a very long season for IU basketball. We were ahead at halftime by a double digit margin but still lost by 5 points. Four minutes left to go in the game, we were up by ten points! It looked as if we were going to pull off a huge upset, but then we pulled the “Indiana Grab Your Ankles” play and lost… Stupid basketball team…

Musical Connection
This one is a hard one.
Barenaked Ladies to Toots and the Maytals in seven steps.

1. The Barenaked Ladies’ music is highly influenced by the sounds and rhythms of the B-52s.
2. The B-52s stole some musical ideas from The Mamas & The Papas.
3. The Mamas & The Papas sound very much like and were influenced by Peter Paul and Mary.
4. Peter Paul and Mary worked closely with Gordon Lightfoot during the early part of their career.
5. Gordon Lightfoot performed some songs by Bob Dylan.
6. Elvis Costello’s early music is influenced by the sounds and lyrics of Bob Dylan and Otis Redding.
7. Otis Redding is the only influential artist to Toots and the Maytals.

Whew! That one was intense…

Song of the DayRatsa Dub – Horace Andy

Quote of the Day – “It’s the freakin weekend baby! I’m about to have me some fun!” – R. Kelley from Ignition Remix

peace all

4 thoughts on “AZ Road Trip!

  1. whats a 5.11 climb? i could never remember the ratings. i know that a class 5 is a vert climb that needs the use of ropes. but besides that. i don’t know what like a 5.11 or a 5.5 climb is. can anyone clear this up

  2. The 5. scale goes like this… 5.1- to 5.9+ i.e. 5.6-, 5.6, 5.6+, 5.7-, etc. From 5.10a to 5.15c (I think that’s the highest) it counts like 5.10a, 5.10b, 5.10c, 5.10d, 5.11a, etc. The scale stops at 5.15c because that is the most difficult wall successfully climbed. I think it’s a 5.15c, it may be a 5.15a. Not sure. Anyway, that’s that. Expect your e-mail Monday morning.


  3. cool, thanks. i had an idea that that was what it was about. but thanks for clearin it up. i look forward to the email.

  4. Haha… I got quoted in your blog. 😉 How exciting.

    We need to do that again. It was fantastic.

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