April Fool’sSince is it April

April Fool’s

Since is it April Fool’s day, I have a joke for you all.

In my town there are three churches: a Methodist church, a Presbyterian church and a Catholic church. All three of these churches sit on the same corner of the town along with the largest park in the county. For many years the churches have co-existed with nature. The Presbyterian Church has spikes installed on its steeple so birds don’t crap on the bronze-green crosses on them. The Methodist church has beautiful green ivy creeping up and around its stained glass windows. The Catholic Church has installed a sentinel owl (it’s one of those fake owls that keep the pigeons away) on both of its bell towers to keep the birds from defiling the pristine white limestone walls of the church.

One day a couple weeks ago, the Presbyterian Church had noticed that there were squirrels living in its belfry. Upon asking around the community, they discovered that both the Methodist and Catholic churches had the same problem. Where did the squirrels come from you ask? They came from Canada, but that’s not important. Back to the story… So the Presbyterians decide that they will take all the squirrels, put them in cages, and then take them in vans to the county line and drop them all off. Well, since these squirrels are from Canada, they are extremely intelligent and found their way back into the church.

The Methodists, watching all of this from the safety of their corner of the intersection, decide that it is not worth their time or efforts to try to rid themselves of their new bushy tailed friends. The Catholics, however, found a solution. Both the Presbyterians and Methodists were afraid to venture into the cathedral-like confines of the Catholic corner for a couple weeks, when finally a couple adventurous Presbyterians decided to cross the street and ask Father Macao how he did it. Father quietly and calmly explained… “We simply baptized them and made them a part of our congregation. As good Catholics, these squirrels only show their furry little heads and black laser eyes twice a year: Easter and Christmas.”

This story was told at my church, Saint Joseph’s Catholic Church of Shelbyville, two weeks ago as a light anecdote at the end of mass. Hope you all enjoyed my joke 🙂

peace out yo. Happy April Fool’s Day!