Anti-Fast Food Nation

So the other night, Erin, Will and I watched the movie Fast Food Nation. If you are not familiar with the plot, the documentarian (I guess that’s what you would call him) goes on the “McDonald’s Diet” eating nothing but food from McDonald’s for the month of February. The cameras follow him around from McDonald’s to McDonald’s and from Doctor to Doctor and Specialist to Specialist tracking his progress. The doctors and specialists all tell him about 15 days into his experiment that he needs to stop because they see major things going wrong with his body.

The movie got me thinking “What if I did the opposite? What if I gave up fast food for a month?”

Since I have returned to school, I have gained five pounds, after losing 20 over the summer. This is most likely due to a couple of factors: 1) I have been eating a lot of fast food since I have been back, about four or five times a week, and 2) I have been drinking more beer than I have during the summer, but only a few more beers a week, comparitively. So, in order to stop myself from gaining fat weight (which I’m sure this weight is), I have decided to challenge myself not to eat fast food for a month.

There will be some exceptions that I make and those will be made known here. Smoothies are not considered fast food. Sandwich places like Subway and Jimmy John’s are acceptable, but no more than four times a week. Fast food is defined as food that comes from a Fast Food Restaurant, i.e. Chick-fil-a, Burger King, McDonald’s, etc. NOT types food from local restaurants that are also served at Fast Food Restaurants, i.e. $2 Cheeseburgers from Kilroys and burgers from The Cabin are ok. Also, since I am a college student and eating pizza is unavoidable, it is acceptable to eat, but not delivered more than once a week, nor in the restaurant more than once a week.

Ok, so there’s the challenge to myself issued by myself. It starts today, September 1, and ends on September 30. I figure if I let people know about it, I am more likely to follow it. If you see or hear of me eating fast food, please stop me.

I am also seeking a climbing partner. If you are interested in hitting up Hoosier Heights two or three times a week, please contact me. I’ve got some free time in the evenings and would like to get back to regular visits to the gym; I missed that last year.

Anyway, I think that’s about it right now. I’ll post again sometime soon.


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Until the next post, God Bless New Orleans.

9 thoughts on “Anti-Fast Food Nation

  1. so, you definitely dont know me, but tyler said i would like you because you are an IU grad or soon to be one anyways. and that is definitely where i’m goin, so just thougt i’d say hey. and giving up fast food helps soo much!! also, cuttin back on ur beer intake can make mounds of difference! ((just a thought)) whatever, have a great day! and good luck this month w/o fast food…

  2. Tom, I need to do the same thing LOL. I also lost 20 pounds during camp but don’t know how much I’ve gained back, although I’m sure eating the “wonderful” food at Ball State hasn’t helped. I think I’m gonna try this too.

    Oh, and didn’t you think Fast Food Nation was the best movie ever? hehehe

  3. dude, they interviewed this chick from my school for that movie cuz she was obese, Victoria from NorthView at the time.

    and mojo, right now im on my way to grab some of the bell and maybe a big bell too

  4. Yeah that movie was disgusting… I think the worst part was the bonus thing on the DVD where he took the various fast food and left it in jars for days. The fries stayed the same!!!!

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