Anonymous Commenters, Be Warned

Dear ‘me’,

Greetings ‘me’ from What a creative name and identity you have constructed for yourself. Too bad that the person who you are posing as already contacted me (and about four other people) saying that they did not post that comment.

Here’s a news flash to you: I’ve already figured out who you are. Ironically everyone (including the that you posed as) knew who you were without searching the IP address. It took two seconds of searching before I uncovered enough evidence to convict you of being a chicken shit.

A long time ago when I started this blog, there was an edict made known to everyone who reads, “anonymous comments will not be tolerated”. You have until noon on Saturday to contact me off this site before I take more action. Consider yourself warned.

I am 98% confident of your identity for several reasons: 1) My pinging of your internet service provider turned up a similar IP to the one you posted from. 2) The address returned by an address search on your IP returned the address at which you reside during the school year. 3) The logged in username on the machine that made the post is you.

If someone else did post this comment, maybe you should start securing your machine better when you leave it unattended.

If you wish to contact me offline, you know every way to do so. If there was any doubt in your mind where our friendship stands, maybe this should give you a clue.


2 thoughts on “Anonymous Commenters, Be Warned

  1. Good job detective Tom, you solved the case!

    I guess this is someone that I don’t know from IU. Is this the same annonymous from Nathan’s Blog?

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