Analysis of the Color Pink

This post inspired by: The Merrillville School Corporation — “Banning clothing one color at a time.”

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Let’s just look at pink for a second. It’s a bright, feminine color. The color itself is sometimes associated with soft, fluffy stuffed animals like rabbits or bears. The color pink is soothing to some and offensive to others.

Pink is associated with certain events like the birth of a baby girl, Easter, St. Valentine’s Day, days that are supposed to be happy and loving and cheerful. It also gets associated with cosmetics by the Mary Kay Cadillacs, with little girl’s dolls by Barbie and even websites designed by women.

After years of being a fashion “no-no”, pink is back in style. Items that are pink fly off of store shelves and can be seen being worn by women and men around college campuses, and in the cooridors of high schools all across America. The increasing popularity of the color in the past has even coined the phrase “the new pink” to describe something so new and so hot that everyone wants it.

How could a color who’s meaning is so gentle be connected to gang activity? Last time I checked, most gangs want to use a bold, “knock you on your ass” color to intimidate and strike fear into their rivals. The Bloods and the Crips used Red and Blue to identify themselves in the 80s. If gangs are using pink today, they must have really ran out of colors. And when gangs run out of colors, we’re going to see a national tragedy.

My point is that the school administration in Merrillville needs to wake up and smell the pink roses. If you’re not going to ban the colors red and blue because of their association with gang activity, why ban red’s ugly stepchild, pink? It almost sounds to me like the Merrillville schools read an article online like this one and were terrified enough by the strong language (gangs, pink) that they decided to ban the color too.

People in this world amaze me…

this article was made known to me by John

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Song of the DayRadio Radio — Elvis Costello

Hero of the Day – Prof. Blevis for telling us how it is in Monday’s Informatics Class.

Item of the Day – A list of ten codes found online.

Dumbass of the Day – Whoever chalked “Axis Wednesday, Come Get Laid” on the sidewalks all over campus. Let’s think what’s wrong with this sentence… LAID IS MIS-SPELLED DUMBASS! A Hawaiian Lei is spelled like that, so Laid should be Lei’d. Get it right retard, the joke is funnier if you spell the words right.

Quote of the Day – “Andy, you’re 10-50.” — Buddy trying to call Andy drunk, when instead he called him under the influence of narcotics.

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The Daily Update

Monday was a very long day. Not only was a suffering from sleep deprivation for most of it, I just didn’t want to be awake for any of it.

Dumbass and his lackey decided that it would be a good idea to have the power completely disconnected from our house late Monday morning. It was definitely out for three hours. It’s a good thing our refrigerator is well insulated or we would have lost a lot of food. Because of this, I lost about two hours of sleep because I had to take a trip to the Main Library to do my I300 homework… Stupid dumbass and his lackey…

After psi, I played basketball for a good two hours or so. It was good, and I felt it in my left knee the next day 😉

Tuesday was a day full of class, and (the highlight) dinner with Erin before going to work, and that’s where I am now.

Boring, I know, but not much happens to me during the week.

Peace out all!

12 thoughts on “Analysis of the Color Pink

  1. Hey, the whole Phi Mu sorority must be a gang… since their official color is pink. And while I’m at it, I have several pink tshirts and a pair of pink shorts… AND PINK PENCILS.

    I’d better go turn myself in to the authorities.

  2. Personally, I would be scared to death to see a gang of thugs wearing pink coming after me. It would just add insult to injury.

    “Man, what happened to you?”
    “I got my ass kicked by one of those Merrillville gangs.”
    “Oh man, that sucks.”
    “They were wearing pink.”

  3. Only you would get your ass kicked by the pink gang… I can see that happening now…

    ::cue dream sequence::

  4. Not only would you get your ass kicked… but there’d probably be pictures in the school paper or something, and then they’d all be wearing pink… and everyone would be like, “You got your ass kicked by a bunch of breast cancer patients? What the hell is wrong with you?”

    I can see it now.

  5. Awww, I love the quote!!! All I have to say is that it is no surprise stupid officals see a trend and try to make something of it. The media has the power to influence people and now that I see it, some of that stuff is just crap. You know Jenni is obsessed with pink. If you need any person info on her I will do what I can to turn her in to the right officials.

  6. rofl, you linked me… i love you tom. i may not act like it but i really do.

    and i’m joining the pink sorority.

  7. OMG! I do not know what to make of this post, Tom! I’m so offended & shocked!!! First of all, I GO SHOPPING IN MERRILLVILLE ALL THE TIME when I go home! It’s very close to Michigan City, so I am appalled that something as STUPID & RIDICULOUS as this could be happening so close to my hometown…AND WHY PINK!??! It is only the BEST COLOR IN THE WORLD!!! Oh man that is such crap…WOW is all I can say right now…

    PS – I *NEED* to be in that ‘gang’!!!! 🙂

  8. Offended and shocked eh?

    I just find it amusing. Especially since this is a case in which a shool administration freaks out about a popular fashion trend.

    I can see major parallels between this and a few things that happened at my high school.

    It’s just sad… This is what happens when conservative-minded administrators freak out.

  9. Actually… I believe this is what happens when idiots who don’t do any kind of research with the exception of lending an ear to random and unrelated news broadcasts run a school district.

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