Alright, so the headache I

Alright, so the headache I got when I went home on friday hasn’t disapeared yet. It’s not hurting as much as it was earlier, but whatever.

The IU PU games weren’t good games. We played horribly in the men’s game. So horrible that we almost lost. The women’s game sucked, because we lost….honestly though, the women’s game was a better game then the men’s game. This is what my Saturday consisted of. Sunday…..well…..I slept until noon, watched some TV, then went to Ange’s parent’s place for dinner. They were hosting the pot-luck for the finals week. It was good. My roomates and I (well, I since I paid for it) brought two cakes. Mmmmm….chocolate 🙂

That’s all I got for today. Probably will either hear from me a lot this week or none at all. It’s finals week….yay for the end of the semester.

Quote of the day “We can solve world peace with Microsoft Excel.” — Dan Owens