A Word About the Duh-olts

I was going to put this in comment form, but I decided it was better to make a post instead of a comment that’s this long.

I’m not dissin’ Dungy in any way, although I am getting tired of hearing the media use the loss of his son as an excuse for everything. It sort of makes me sick, but that’s neither here nor there. It was a tragic loss, but if it were any other coach’s son, or any other celebrity’s son there wouldn’t have been this much crap in the media about it.

I don’t know about them coming out fired up. I mean, emotionally they’ll be ready to go, but I don’t know if their game will be up to snuff. Their offense is one that works well only when they are in a rhythm. That’s how the Chargers were the first to beat them; they got the Colts out of a rhythm.

but they will be scary when they get goin

They don’t have the luxury in the playoffs to “get goin'”; they have to be ready right out of the starting blocks.

And I just can’t get into a team who relies on a passing game to win. It’s so easy to be off with a passing game; it’s almost like the Colts are a finesse-only team. The Steelers and the Bears are run-right-at-your-face-until-your-covered-in-mud teams. They only rely on the pass when they get into a long yardage situation or just to mix things up. AND what’s more, the Bears have one of the top scoring defenses in the NFL. I believe they are also the highest rated defense out of the teams in the playoffs. How many times have we heard the old adage “Offense doesn’t win championships, Defense does”.

A lot of the Colt’s starters haven’t played a full game since week 15. Shoot, Peyton Manning has only played one series in each of the Colt’s last three games AND HE DIDN’T EVEN SCORE ON THEM! I also can’t get behind a team that doesn’t travel on the road as a unit. When they went to play the Seahawks, not even the whole team went. Even if you’re injured, you need to travel with your team; it’s part of belonging, it’s just something you do. Now I understand if you have some injury that makes you unable to travel, but having sore muscles… not an excuse.

As for the Bears/Panthers game this weekend… The Bears are ready. The first time they faced Carolina, they did so with a back-up QB. This time, Grossman is healthy, which means their long- and short-yardage passing games will be on. You know the running game will be there; how else do you think they were able to win so many games with Orton running QB? The defense is a constant in Chicago, especially with Urlacher in there. The last time the teams met, the Bears held Carolina to their second-lowest yardage of the season… with their defense… which hasn’t changed since November.

The short of it, football is more interesting when teams run the ball and execute well on defense rather than having an offense that depends on so many variables to work well. I don’t really care how the any of the other teams do, I just am sick of hearing all this hype about the Duh-olts. I hope they lose just so I can watch the evening news and not have to hear about them.

After all… Who won when the Bears played the Colts earlier this year?

That’s what I thought…


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  1. here here, erin, and fy upon you, timothy, for your faith in a private enterprise that is sucking down my TAX DOLLARS FOR A NEW STADIUM THAT I DONT WANT.

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