A week and no post,

A week and no post, what’s wrong with me?

Well, I guess nothing is wrong with me, I’ve just been too busy to sit down and write a post the last few days.

My week has been quite hectic. I’ve been studying my butt off while at the same time working. I have an exam next tuesday in my S302 class. It should be pretty easy though, I’m not too worried about it. I will definitely be studying for it this evening though.

Last night was labled “Sober Fun Friday”. We went to see Underworld. It’s the movie about vampires vs. warewolves. It was pretty good. On a A – F grade scale, it would have earned a B from me. It had some good fight scenes, and a decent plot. I was a little disappointed that the plot was all revealed at the very end of the movie. Granted, it was based on a comic book (props to the recent comic book movies, minus Spiderman), so it was only natural to have the plot given away at the end.

Anyway, after the movie, we had some Arby’s, and then headed out to Classic Lanes. This turned out to be one of the highlights of my night. I ended up placing second in our group for the first game with a score of 129! If any of you know how I bowl, that’s extremely good for me. I usually never break 100. Then the second game, I ended up bowling a 100-something, I don’t quite remember what it was. That was good times.

After bowling, we went to Jeremy Mitchel’s place for a “party”. There were almost 10 people there, most of whom were already smashed. It was ok, but we didn’t stay but an hour before we went back to First and Henderson for some more chillin. Everyone else went out to Taco Bello and then over to Griffey Lake while I stayed home and relaxed in my room before heading to bed. It was a good night overall, although the “Sober Fun” went out the window when we got done bowling. Not to worry though, I was DD for the night, so it was still “Sober Fun Friday” for Tom.

That’s about everything interesting that has happened to me since last Thursday. Beth and I (and maybe li’l Steph) are going to go climbing later today, when I get off work. I’m looking forward to that. I definitely need to develop more finger strength though because my forearm muscels like to start failing after about two hours of climbing. Whatever though, I’ll get there.

Anyway, time to get back to work… Oh what an interesting Saturday it is. I’m currently in a lab with two customers, myself and the consultant… woo… Anyway, I’m out.

Ching! Si Whom Lao!

Picture of the day
Two of them for no extra cost…

Yea… just… yea…

And Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Song of the dayGirl – The Beatles

Quote of the day
1:44p [Consultant 1] – anyone know how to export address book from Pine into Webmail?
1:45p [Consultant 2] – {Support Staff} should be able to answer your question.
1:45p [Consultant 2] – He figured it out a while ago.
1:46p [Support Staff] – Check the knowledge base, all sorts of random pine directions in there.
1:48p [Consultant 2] – {Support Staf}: You did figure it out though, right?
1:49p [Support Staff] – nope

Quote of the week
Tony: Ryan, you should get a job in Indy so we could share an apartment.
Ryan: Then we could be hetero-life-mates
Mike: You guys need to get laid…