A More Masculine Jesus?

There was an interesting discussion on NBC news this morning about the appearance of Jesus in popular culture. Matt Lauer interviewed two religious officials, one Rabbi and one Catholic Bishop.

It was interesting to me the difference between the viewpoints of the Rabbi and the Bishop. Images of the movie Dogma (Kevin Smith, 1999) kept popping into my head.

On one hand, the Bishop, the other, the Rabbi. Let me sumarize what each of them said.


The appearance of Christ as a more masculine figure now than in the past is absurd. Christ has traits of both women (compassion, understanding, the ability to forgive easily) and men (strong willed, outspoken, etc.). It is not necessary to view Christ as being more masculine or more feminine simply because he is neither. A change in this viewpoint would be a fundamental change in Christian Thought. The necessity of God and Christ to appear as imposing enforcers is in no way necessary for a good religious following.


Christ is becoming more masculine in popular culture. It is a phenomenon in American culture that when the times get tough or we are met with adversity, we respond by getting tougher ourselves. This is the fundamental reason we are seeing a more masculine Christ figure. Christ was inherently a buff, strong man; He was a carpenter, so we know that he was strong and in shape. In today’s world, we need to have a fearful God figure in religion because without it, religion does not have an effect on terrorists and others who are determined to do harm to innocent people.

Now, keep in mind that these are not my viewpoints, but simply the viewpoints of these two individuals. I just found the contrast interesting. I could definitely have listened to them for another two hours debate the subject. Let me know what you think.

I have to preface this with a disclamer.
The following topic may contain some content that all of you younger than eighteen folk cannot legally view. Please use disgression when following links and do not click on them if you are not of the legal age to view adult material.

In other news. I like how the front page of the IDS has been converted to advertisement for a porn website. The article Student Ethics to Review Dorm Website not only mentions and advertizes for the website www.teenkeira.com but it links to it from the front page.

Now it seems a little odd to me that this newspaper could publish something like this and not have issues with the FCC, or whomever governs print media. It’s rediculas that this porn site gets free advertisement because the IDS decided that the URL needed to be printed in the paper. I bet after today the website’s traffic picks up by, let me throw a random number out there, 38,000 unique hits. I wish I had a website that brouhgt me money who’s traffic increased by that much in a day…

Oh, the Indiana Daily Student, the lows you stoop to will never cease to amaze me.

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Sara: You could just repeatedly fall down, that will get them out of your way.
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The Weekend Update

Sorry that it has taken me a while to post, but I’ve been busy… being a slacker. I haven’t really done anything productive the last couple days. I’ve done a lot of geocaching (my total is now 37 finds) and a lot of nothing.

Yesterday I cleaned my bathroom, that and geocached. Monday I did my java homework, and geocached.

The NCD convention this past weekend was bad. The trip to Columbus, OH was a lot of fun and the people that I went with made the trip worthwhile, but the convention itself sucked.

I can see now why we don’t fit into the disctict as a chapter. Maybe it’s because the rest of the district is full of a bunch of lunatics and we’re one of the few quasi normal chapters in the assembly.

I did some geocaching in Columbus with Erin. Nothing too interesting came of that, other than the fact that I did a couple in Columbus.

That’s all I got. Peace out yo!

8 thoughts on “A More Masculine Jesus?

  1. HAHAHAHA!!!!!…you put a warning on about adult material on here…that is awesome…

    sorry…made me give a hardy chuckle to myself…

    “…we need to have a fearful God figure in religion…religion does not have an effect on terrorists…”…hmmm…maybe it’s because the terrorists don’t believe in the same god as this rabbi…

  2. victoria, why is a rahbbi talking about jesus funny? the guy was jewish for god’s sake. and i for some reason feel that cnn boched what the rahbbi said to make him sound odd or stupid or what have you. there is technology to do so, they used it to clean up bush’s mispronunciations and on this radio station they made him say some pretty funny stuff to let us realize what can be done.

    oh, and that girl with the porn thing (don’t worry, i only read the article, i didin’t go to the site. they showed a news report last night on it) i don’t think it’s a good thing, but it pays for college. and it shouldn’t be that big a deal if it isn’t hosted on campus. but then again, what does a highschooler know about these things?

  3. The rabbi was the one that I agreed with most. I tend to find the Catholic point of view to be out of date.

    And it was NBC, not CNN.

  4. i need to learn to read closer, i saw “funny” when i commented, but just now it read “interesting” my bad

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