Contrary to what I said I would be doing, I will be making this post about my trip this weekend to Detroit.

The weekend started with a 6 hour drive up to the northern part of the United States. Emma, Zach and I hopped in my car and took off at around 2:30 in the afternoon on Friday. Zach and I had never met each other until I picked him up at his place before we left, but that’s not relevant yet.

We arrived in Michigan at around 8:15pm. First stop, T.G.I. Friday’s for Emma’s dad’s birthday dinner. He wasn’t expecting her to show up, so it was a good surprise for his birthday.

Saturday was a day packed with fun. We went to the Detroit Auto Show and what a good time that was! My favorite vehicles, in this order, were: The Ford Shelby Cobra, Land Rover concept, Audi A8 with a V12 engine and the Dodge Tomahawk motorcycle. Before we got into the show, we had an interesting encounter with the people-mover DJ. We were waiting for the people-mover and heard a voice, “Please step back from the yellow line.” We thought, “It’s a recording, we were standing too close to the caution line.” We hear it again, only this time it says, “It will be quicker to ride the shuttle bus.” People-mover DJ strikes again with the comment, “The bus will leave in one minute.” So we start walking down the stairs. On our way down, he says, “The shuttle bus is waiting for YOU.” Definitely creeped me out. Made me think of the book 1984 with big brother and such.

That night we went to Casino Windsor where we all proceded to blow about $40CA (about $34US). The cheapest table that was on the floor was a $15 buy-in for each hand, so we played the slot machines for a little while then decided to head to the table and play some blackjack. Zach and I each were only able to play one hand because we were out of cash, but it was fun anyway. We then went home for the night.

Sunday we went to church early in the morning, then headed off to “The Collection”. The Collection… a.k.a. the mall, was huge. So huge that we only saw one half of the stores. That evening, we roadtripped to Ann Arbor to hang out at University of Michigan for a while. That was fun, a little uneventful, but just hanging out and relaxing was fun.

Monday, we ran some errands and ended up back in Bloomington.

I want to give a huge Thank You to Emma’s parents for letting Zach and me stay with them this weekend. They were more generous than they needed to be. They welcomed us into their family and their circle of friends more than I have ever been in similar situations.

You may be asking yourself what the numbers in the title mean. They are 777 miles, $100 spent on food and fun, and one new friend.

That is all for tonight. More later.


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  1. “gambling is immoral!!!!”…way to go, tom…jeez…why do you think it’s only allowed in nevada, riverboats, and indian reservations? (sarcasm)…

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