HAHAHAHAHA You crack me up.

I love when people block you, they think you can’t keep tabs on them. Let me introduce you all to the law of AOL screen names.

The Law of Screen Names
For every known screen name (n) there exists at least one other screen name. Therefore the number of known screen names (K) is always less than or equal to the number of known screen names (n) plus 1.

K <= n + 1

Good job ace.

Not to mention you tied an old friend of yours to your blind-to-reality comment probably without even thinking. That makes me sick. Sick not because you did it without thinking, sick because you are using your imagined reality to try to turn me against someone I have grown to trust over the last semester. Do you really think that she and I don’t talk? Honestly

It is disgusting that you could use the identity of someone else to bring them down to your own level. Maybe you should open your closed eyes and take a look around at people who you thought were your friends.

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The Rebellion has been born...

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  1. I like that I got blocked as well. Well, I never had that much of a question about who my real friends are… ::rolls eyes:: and thank god my real friends have some maturity.

  2. I’m not really a hacker… Anyone who has any sort of computer knowledge knows how to obtain the information I have. It’s simple stuff.

  3. OMGSH I can find an IP address, I’m totally a hax0r.

    /runs off laughing maniacally
    /sarcasm for tonight.

    Something about that was just kind of funny. Sorry Hayden, nothing against you bud.

  4. So if this address were to go DDOS or DOS attacks, would one be attacking IU or an individual?????????

  5. Um, you would definitely be attacking an individual. The sororities and fraternities all have their own ISPs, IU doesn’t supply internet access to most. Take this one for example, kiva.net supplies their internet access, as well as most of the wireless hotspots in bloomington.

  6. HAHAHA, Jess you totally crack me up!

    Two exams today stand between me and an awesome summer at Ransburg!

    The Countdown Begins…

  7. Tom – Well I hadn’t really noticed how much your friendship meant to me until I read your blog this morning. Thanks for just being you! I am looking so forward to next semester when you and I and David and Erin can all hang out. Plus you still owe me a trip to the bars since you couldn’t come out for my 21st 🙂 Thanks for all the sweet comments about me you’ve posted lately. love ya! -Heather

  8. Heather, we are all going to hang out. Definitely. Just find some time in the fall, and I’ll be there!! I love you Heather!!!!

  9. Erin … sweet I can’t wait … maybe I’ll come visit you and Tom this summer shit I’m living in the ville’ I’ll be looking for chances to escape

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