I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again. We don’t belong here anymore.

When people start killing children to get a point across, they have lost every shred of humanity. If this country wants to be aided in their suffering, so be it. We should not be trying to rebuild a country that does not wish to be rebuilt.

It makes me sick to see that 68 Iraqis (18 children inluded) are killed by rush hour bombers. Every day the death toll rises. Every day, more Iraqis are killed. Every day, more Americans are wounded. Every day, children are made fatherless/motherless. Every day, I open up the web browser and I see that another bombing has happened or that the fighting in Fallujah has intensified.

I’m sick and tired of seeing it. I’m sick and tired of having friends over there in harm’s way. I’m sick and tired of hearing that Americans have to stay out in the desert longer. I’m sick and tired of hearing that we need to send more troops. I’m sick and tired of hearing that the draft may be re-instated just because GDubbs wants to prove something to the world.

Guess what, asshole, you’re proving that we can piss off anyone we want to and get away with it because we’re powerful, and we have a lot of bombs. You’re pissing off so many people that other countries are starting to pull their troops out of the operation. First Spain, then Honduras… Who’s next?!? Granted, their forces were a small piece of the pie, but what would happen if England pulled their support? Maybe I should say “What will happen when England pulls their support?”

This is getting insane.

This needs to stop.

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  1. I agree, the children thing is the part that really gets to me. Those children haven’t done anything and most of them probably don’t even understand that is going on. Makes me sick!

  2. 1. George Bush = douchebag. And if I get ONE MORE EMAIL from my grandfather about why liberals are evil, I’m going to give it to him in his cousin-marrying…. um, face.

    2. Yay! You brought back picture of the day! Cheer up, Mister Tom. Everything will be better soon… even if it’s only because you’re laughing at all the drunk kids this weekend.

  3. What do you think will happen if we leave though? The bombing will stop? Things will calm down into a nice lul of democracy? That doesn’t even happen here. And we’ve been an established country for a hundred years! I don’t want our boys there any more then anyone else… but if it means we’re saving lives then i’m all for it. I understand protecting Americans but i tend to think protecting the innocent is of greater importance. You talk about how GDubbs wants to prove we are the greatest nation in the world… but everyone already knows this. That’s why we’re the target for terrorists.

    Spain didn’t pull out because they believe what we are doing is wrong or that the time to leave is now… Spain pulled out because they need to protect their own country’s citizens. Since 9/11 we in the US have had 0 terrorist bombs go off in our borders… Spain has had one go off and another disarmed. They simply do not have the resources to fight a war and protect their country. We do.

  4. I agree the main problem right now is always going to be the fight between the two different kinds of Muslims so leaving just leave those two groups to fight over who will be put into power and put Iraq right back where it was.

  5. But does that mean that we must fight a war and protect our country at the same time? I don’t believe that we needed to go into Iraq for any reason other than GDubbs showing daddy that he can invade the country too. There have been no WMDs found, the only thing we caused was a somewhat stable government to crumble into a terror-laden mess. There are Iraqis dying along side Americans every day. Even when we pull out, the Iraqi conflict will more than likely turn into a conflict similar to the Israel/Palistine conflict. I can see it now… Twenty years into the future, there still isn’t a stable governing body in Iraq and there are still terrorist attacks going on every day. A lot of good we do for a world when this is all that it causes.

    Maybe I’m blind to the truth, but that’s all I see happening.

    At least Saddam would have died of natural causes within that 20 year time span.

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