$2 Cheeseburger DayAnd I missed

$2 Cheeseburger Day

And I missed it…oh well. There’s always next week.

The day I miss $2 Cheeseburger Day, everyone is talking about it. I stopped by Lindley Hall to check my e-mail before class and sitechk Andy tells me that Jacob is out at $2 Cheeseburger Day. So, saddened by my discovery, I headed to Swain West for my class and there is a random guy outside smoking (everyone on campus smokes, mind you) is talking about $2 Cheeseburger Day. I don’t have a problem with people smoking, but I have noticed that there are many, many people on campus who do smoke.

You may be asking “what is $2 Cheeseburger Day?” Well, it is every Tuesday at Kilroy’s. Cheeseburgers are $2 until close. It’s only one of the best days of the week.

Anyway, today has been really slow. I have gone to all my classes and done some homework. I’m pretty much done for the day because I don’t have to work Tuesday nights anymore.

I am so ready for this semester to be over so I can get away from school stuff. I have a debate project due Thursday that I need to finish today, a Java exam that needs to be studied for, a Java project that’s due in a couple days and I don’t feel like doing any of it. I was going to go swim this afternoon, but the warm weather made me want to stay outside and do nothing instead of swimming. If there was an outdoor pool where you could swim laps somewhere in Bloomington, I would definitely take advantage of it…but I don’t know of one that’s already open.

If you know where I can get an image of the ROM form a TI-85 calculator, let me know. I downloaded an emulator for it yesterday and I need an image of the ROM so I can use it. An image in the sense of an ISO file not an image as a picture. Speaking of pictures, I am in the process of adding all my Boston pics and my Iowa pics to my web page. Check out my page’s photo gallery for more stuff. I don’t take pictures that often, so if you have some of me that you think would be nice for the gallery, send them to me. I’m also going to add a “Tom at Camp” section full of pictures taken of me last summer at camp. I’ll let you know when that’s all up and working.

Anyway, I’m outta here.

Quote of the day “I’d do anything, just to hold you in my arms, to try to make you laugh, somehow I can’t put you in the past.” –Simple Plan, I’d Do Anything

Mac Fund $314.41