Celebrating in Key West by hoisting my bicycle above my head. This marked the end of our first long-term, self-supported tour.

Who Am I?

So, you’re here. You’re probably thinking, “who is this guy?”

Let me tell you.

By trade, I am a Principal IT Training Consultant. That means that I lead a team that develops training across a wide range of disciplines and IT topics. I like my job, but it’s not all I do:

  • I am an avid cyclist
  • I practice yoga and meditation daily.
  • I also enjoy swimming, running, paddle boarding, and weightlifting.
  • I prefer to be barefoot (or as close as possible) all the time.
  • I have a dog and two cats.
  • I am a beginner beekeeper.

Here, on this site, I will be focusing on writing about how I experience the world.