Who Am I?

So, you’re here. You’re probably thinking, “who is this guy?”

Celebrating in Key West by hoisting my bicycle above my head. This marked the end of our first long-term, self-supported tour.
Celebrating in Key West after cycling from Jacksonville, FL.

Let me tell you.

By trade, I am an IT Education Specialist (senior level, because I’m awesome). That means I develop materials to teach people information technology skills. That includes teaching classroom-based and online workshops, presenting webinars, writing blog posts, writing training books, etc. Basically, a technical writer with people skills. I like my job, but it’s not all I do. I mean, a lot of what I do is teaching, but I enjoy other things too. Here’s a list because lists are cool:

  • I am newly married!
  • My wife and I are new adventure cyclists, but learning quickly!
  • I’ve been a climber for about 13 years. I teach climbing and ropes course directors for the BSA.
  • I am an avid, year-round, bicycle commuter.
  • I also enjoy swimming and running.
  • I have been making delicious home-brew beer since 2006.
  • I am an aspiring beekeeper and mazer (someone who makes mead).

This is a new way of thinking about my personal web site. Specifically, I will be focusing on writing about how I experience the word.